The award-winning Northglenn Youth Theatre program offers opportunities for young actors of all ages and abilities to explore the art of live theatrical performance. We are thrilled to offer NYT Academy which presents classes, workshops and personalized training to compliment the acclaimed main stage productions.


Acting in the Deaf Theatre

Ages 12 – Adults

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform in the Deaf Theatre? Join us as ImaginASL Performing Arts Artistic Director, Nicki Runge teaches both deaf and hearing actors how to work together through gestures using American Sign Language and spoken English. Focus on method and cadence, introspection, emotional focus, the do’s and don’ts of auditions in the deaf theatre, the importance of a good resume and head shot, and more. Class is taught in American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English. ASL Signers and Non-Signers are encouraged to sign up!


Ages 12-18


Jan 27, February 17, March 9, April 20




Ages 19+ (Adults)


Jan 27, February 17, March 9, April 20





New Year’s Acting Camp

Ages 8-14

Looking to get on stage over the holiday break? This four day camp is an excellent way to keep young actors building up their experience on stage! The camp will focus on building acting skills around a non-musical script and will end with an informal presentation for family and friends. What better way to spend your free-time over the holidays than on the stage. All skill levels are welcome.


30313028-01 Dec 30-Jan 3

9:00a-12:00p $60/$66

No Class Jan 1



Registration starts December 9 Residents | December 11 Non-Residents


Intro to Acting  Ages 6-18

This is a great class for the want-to-be actor! We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits and basic costume pieces. It is a great way to give acting a try. For the final class, we will show what we have learned in an informal presentation for family and friends.

Instructor: Britney Farr


Ages 6-8

10313004-01  Jan 14-Mar 3   5:30-7:00p $84/$93

10313004-04  Mar 10-May 5  5:30-7:00p $84/$93

Ages 9-12

10313004-03  Jan 14-Mar 3   5:30-7:00p $84/$93

10313004-06  Mar 10-May 5   5:30-7:00p $84/$93

Ages 13-18

10313004-02  Jan 14-Mar 3   7:00-8:30p $84/$93

10313004-05  Mar 10-May 5   7:00-8:30p $84/$93


Actor’s Edge  Ages 8-16

Auditioning Fundamentals

This 4-part training breaks down the elements necessary for a musical theatre audition from start to finish.  Specific and detailed instruction and tips for preparing the most appropriate and effective audition for each actor.  The training will include professionals in each area: dance, music and acting – focusing on the very clear “do’s and dont’s” and equipping the young actor with a variety of tips and tools to adapt to many different curve-balls that can be at every audition.  Exceptionally valuable feedback for actors of all levels.  Please bring to class a 3-ring binder and wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Jazz shoes encouraged – NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS.

Instructor: Britney Farr


Ages 8-10

10313005-02  Jan 5-26   1:30-3:00p   $30/30

Ages 11-16

10313005-01  Jan 5-26   3:15-5:15p  $30/30

Musical Theatre  Ages 8-18

This class will work on a big musical number from a Broadway musical focusing on all the details that make the magic happen.  The course will feature work with the music director and the choreographer to fine tune each aspect. The course culminates in a large ‘review’ show featuring the numbers from each age group.

Instructors: David Moyer & Christina Roberts


Ages  8-11

10313008-01  Jan 13-Mar 2   5:30-7:00p   $84/$93   Frozen

10313008-03  Mar 9-May 4   5:30-7:00p   $84/$93   Shrek

Ages 12-18

10313008-02   Jan 13-Mar 2   7:00-8:30p   $84/$93     Dear Evan Hanson

10313008-04   Mar 9-May 4   7:00-8:30p   $84/$93     Be More Chill


Broadway Bound  Ages 6-9

This BEGINNER class includes basic dance moves and terminology that are most commonly used in musical theater centered around a musical. Students will also explore acting games and activities, as well as learn about the history of dance on Broadway and in the theater.

Instructor: Angila Waldman


10313013-01   Jan 14-Feb 18   4:30-5:30p    $56/$62   Suessical

10313013-02   Feb 25-Apr 7    4:30-5:30p     $56/$62   Aristocrats

Dance classes are held at Dance Synergy Studio, 550 E. Thornton Pkwy, Suite 204

Dance for the Actor Ages 8-18

Instructor: Angila Waldman

Musical Theatre

This BEGINNER-INTERMIDAITE class will focus primarily on choreography combinations and moves typically used in musical theatre, and add in combinations appropriate for each actor’s skill level.

Jazz shoes recommended.


10313009-01   Jan 12-Feb 2    1:00-2:30p    $56/$62

Dance classes are held at Dance Synergy Studio, 550 E. Thornton Pkwy, Suite 204

Dance for the Actor Ages 8-18

Instructor: Angila Waldman


This BEGINNER-INTERMIDAITE class will focus specifically on tap for the stage. Tap shoes strongly encouraged.  This class is recommended for actors and dancers with some prior dance experience.


10313009-02   Feb 9-Mar 1    1:30-2:30p    $56/$62

Dance classes are held at Dance Synergy Studio, 550 E. Thornton Pkwy, Suite 204


Beyond the Basics Ages 6-15

The class will cover intentional physical movement/positioning, voice,  delivery of a character and tips on memorization. Class work will focus on  specific selections from scripts and/or monologues. The final class will be an informal presentation for friends and family. Previous acting classes (at least two sessions of intro or performance in an NYT or equivalent staged production) are required.

Saturday    Ages  12-16     Instructor: Christina Roberts

10313006-02   Jan 18-Mar 7   10:00-11:30a   $84/$93

10313006-04   Mar 14-May 2   10:00-11:30a   $84/$93

Thursday   Ages 8-11      Instructor: Britney Farr

10313006-01   Jan 16-Mar 5   4:30-6:00p   $84/$93

10313006-03   Mar 12-May 7   4:30-6:00p   $84/$93


Just Off Center   Ages 11-16

Comedy-Improv Acting Club

This acting troupe is for the quick-witted and intelligent young actor who loves comedy and improvisational acting/games!  Designed to help train young actors to engage their creativity, control and characterizations.  Previous acting and stage experience is strongly encouraged. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.  Class culminates in an entertaining evening showcase for friends and family.  Instructor: Christina Roberts


10313016-01   Jan 15-Mar 4     7:30-8:30p   $56/$62

10313016-02   Mar 18-May 6   7:30-8:30p   $56/$62

Acting with an Accent 

British  This class will focus on British accents by breaking down selections from scripts/monologues to learn and refine the speaking language as you establish a character.

Thursday Ages 10-16

10313036-01   Jan 9-Feb 13   4:30-6:00p   $63/$70

Assorted American Regions  Our focus will include the American accents of New York, New Jersey, Southern Philly and more! Previous acting classes and/or staged production experience is highly recommended.

Thursday Ages 10-16

10313036-02   Feb 27-Apr 9   4:30-6:00p   $63/$70