Northglenn Arts is excited to offer opportunities for all members of our community to engage in learning & arts. NYT Academy encourages young performers of all ages and abilities to explore the art of live theatrical performance through classes, workshops, and personalized training to complement our acclaimed NYT productions. In addition to theatre classes, Northglenn Arts hosts classes & camps focusing on dance, visual art, crafting and more. See below for our current offerings or click the links here to focus on a season & discipline:






Tap Dance  Ages 16+

Join us for beginning level tap focusing on building steps and combinations. Experienced tappers can brush up and expand skills.  Bring along tap shoes and a water bottle.  


10315004-11      Mar 28-May 23      7:15-8:15p      $56/$67



Classes taught by Kristee Graham Studios

Sculpture, Sculpting for Kids

Ages 7-14

Monday    10316007-02      Apr 18-May 23      4:30-6:30p      $84/$100



Registration OPEN


KITE: Kids’ Interactive Theatre Experience

Using your imagination was never so much fun! Bringing stories from the page to the stage – we’ll focus on a new book each day, reading the story and then acting it out.  We’ll use different costume pieces, props and drama games!

Ages 5-7

Monday-Friday           20313001-01      Jun 6-10       9-11am         $85/$102


Creating Big Characters Camp

In this camp, we will focus on how to create big and memorable characters.  Focus will include: voice, physical movement and crafting motivations. Previous acting experience recommended.

Ages 10-15

Monday-Friday           20313054-01      Jun 13-17      9am-12pm      $100/$120


Vocal Theatre Performance Camp

In this camp, we will work on a variety of popular musical theatre pieces, focusing on the skills and techniques that are more specific to stage performances.  We will also cover prepping for vocal auditions, reading music, incorporating character and expression into the song, etc.

Ages 11-18

Monday-Friday          20313014-02      Jul 11-15     9am-12pm      $100/$120


Intro to Stagecraft Camp

This camp will focus on all the major elements of those behind-the-scenes roles in the theatre: run crew, stage management, operating light and sound boards, building a set, hanging & focusing lights, designing for the stage and more!

Ages 13-18

Monday-Friday         20313056-01      Aug 1-5       1-4pm         $100/$120



Intro to Acting

This is a great class for the want-to-be actor! We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits and basic costume pieces. Great way to give acting a try. For the final class, we will show off all that we learned for an informal presentation for family and friends.

Ages 6-8

Tuesday           20313004-01          Jun 7-Jul 26           5:30-6:30pm        $56/$67

Ages 9-11

Wednesday      20313004-03          Jun 8-Jul 27           5:00-6:30pm        $84/$100

Ages 12-16

Wednesday      20313004-06         Jun 8-Jul 27              6:45-8:15pm       $84/$100


Beyond the Basics

This intermediate level acting class is for the young actor ready to tune specific acting skills. The class will cover intentional physical movement/positioning, voice, delivery of a character and tips on memorization. Class work will focus on specific scene work. The final class will be an informal presentation for family. Previous acting classes or stage experience are highly recommended. No class July 4th.

Ages 8-10

Monday     20313006-02    Jun 6-Aug 1      5-6pm                 $56/$67

Ages 11-15 

Monday    20313006-03     Jun 6-Aug 1     6:15-7:15 pm        $56/$67


Dance for the Actor

We will work on selected choreography pieces from a variety of popular musicals. Wear comfortable clothing, jazz shoes encouraged.

Ages 7-12

Tuesday       20313009-08           Jun 7-28        5:15-6:45pm        $40/$48

                     20313009-09           Jul 12-Aug 9   5:15-6:45pm       $40/$48

Ages 12-18

Tuesday       20313009-10          Jun 7-28           5:15-6:45pm       $40/$48

                     20313009-11          Jul 12-Aug 9     5:15-6:45pm       $40/$48


Just Off Center

Improv Comedy Acting Intermediate/Advanced – This acting class is for the quick-witted and intelligent young actor who loves comedy and improvisational acting/games!  Designed to help train young actors to engage their courage, creativity, control and characterizations through a variety of games and exercises.  Previous acting and stage experience is strongly encouraged. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.  (This is a technique class, not a script-based project)

Ages 8-12

Thursday       20313016-02        Jun 9- Jul 28         5:15-6:45pm         $84/$100

Ages 12-18

Thursday       20313016-04        Jun 9-Jul 28          7:00-8:30pm          $84/$100


Playwriting for Social Change

How can the voices of young people be heard? One way is bringing their words to life on stage. In this class, we will walk through the playwriting format, explore finding our voices and topics we wish to address within our writing. The final compilation will be given to actors and recorded via reader’s theatre format. Note: topics may include a variety of perspectives and mature content, so please be aware.

Ages 12-18

Tuesday, Thursday

20313053-01            Jul 19-Aug 11          7:00-8:30pm            $80/$96


Acting with an Accent – British Dialects

This intermediate/advanced level class will focus on the British accents by breaking down selections from scripts/monologues to learn and refine the speaking language as you establish a character.  Bring your acting to a whole new level!  Previous acting classes and/or staged production experience is highly recommended.

Ages 9-12

Thursday             20313036-01           Jun 9-Jul 14           5:30-6:30pm            $56/$67

Ages 12-18

Thursday             20313036-03           Jun 9-Jul 14            6:45-7:45pm           $56/$67



Youth Camps

Broadway Dance Camp

Learning basic dance steps featuring favorite Broadway tunes. Lots of fun for beginners!

Ages 7-9

Monday-Friday           20315001-01         Jun 13-17          9-11am           $85/$102

Ages 10-15

Monday-Friday          20315001-03           Jun 13-17        11:15-1:15pm  $85/$102


Adult Classes

Belly Dance with Phoenix

You have a belly – why shouldn’t it be dancing?  Join renown instructor and performer, Phoenix, in this energetic class designed to explore the beauty and art of belly dancing. Help boost your self-confidence and physical health in a safe and uplifting environment.  These are mixed combo classes geared for various levels including beginner to returning students. Returning students will add additional challenges to the technique. 

Ages 16+


Mixed Summer Combo

20315005-07           Jul 13-Aug 24          7:30-8:30pm          $66.50/$80


Try It Out Days!

Drop-in, get to know our instructor and take a sample beginning class!  Just pay the Recreation Center drop-in fee and head on up to check it out.  If you love it (we know you will!) then feel free to register for the summer sessions. 

Line Dancing:        Jun 2          9:30-10:30am   

Belly Dancing:       Jul 6           7:30-8:30pm

Line Dancing with Kathy Hamilton    Ages 18+

Line dancing is a popular form of dance using repeated series of steps in choreographed succession to fun music.  It is a great way to exercise too.  No partners needed.  We will start with beginner steps and progress at a slow pace towards more advanced techniques.  

Ages 18+


20315007-10          Jun 9-30             9:30-10:30am        $26/$34                

20315007-11          Jul 7-28              9:30-10:30am        $26/$34                

20315007-12          Aug 4-25            9:30-10:30 am       $26/$34 




Kid’s Digital Photography Camp

For youth interested in the art of photography and skills to capture and edit photos. Topics covered are basic skills in composition, lighting, digital editing and more through games, activities, lab work and an art show. Please bring your own inexpensive digital camera to class.  If none available, instructor can provide upon request.              

Ages 7-11

Monday-Friday         20313024-02           Jul 25-29       1-4pm         $100/$120


Mixed Media

Exploring nature in art – drawing, sculpting, weaving and more. Let your creativity bloom in June!

Ages 6-11 

Monday-Thursday     20313031-04         Jun 6-9              1:30-4:30pm     $135/$162 


Mythical Creatures

Draw, paint and sculpt your favorite creatures to life.  We will explore various creative mediums such as paper, fabric and paint.

Ages 6-12

Monday-Thursday      20313031-07         Jul 11-14            1:30-4:30pm    $135/$162


Plushies and Stuffies

Weave and hand sew to create your own menagerie.  Sloths, fish, gators you name it… Create your own original sewn masterpieces.

Ages 7-12

Monday-Thursday          20313031-06      Jun 20-23           1:30-4:30pm     $135/$162 


Creating in Miniature

Create your own mini 3-dimensional art, animals creatures or characters using various mediums including paper, clay, fabric, yarn and reclaimed items to create beautiful tiny art masterpieces.

Ages 8-15  

Monday-Thursday        20313031-09           Aug 1-4               1:30-4:30pm    $135/$162



From landscapes to abstract – from animals to friends. We will paint our hearts desire in our favorite subjects, mediums and styles.

Ages 9-14 

Monday-Thursday          20313031-05         Jun 13-16           1:30-4:30pm    $135/$162 



Art in Books

We will bring  paper and language together to create scrapbooks, journals or comic books with our own artistic flair. Putting our art in book form.

Ages 9-15

Monday-Thursday         20313031-08            Jul 18-21            1:30-4:30 pm     $135/$162




Group Voice

Working in a small group setting, this voice class will focus on a variety of techniques, exercises and skills for the young vocalist.  Each student will work on a selection of pieces for variety and vocal development. Bring a water bottle to class. No class June 22.

Ages 8-11

Wednesday           20313007-01        June 1-July 13         5-6 pm            $60/$72

Ages 12-18

Wednesday           20313007-02        June 1-July 13         6:15-7:15pm   $60/$72