The award-winning Northglenn Youth Theatre program offers opportunities for young actors of all ages and abilities to explore the art of live theatrical performance. We are thrilled to offer NYT Academy which presents classes, workshops, and personalized training to complement the acclaimed main stage productions.


Resident Registration Begins September 8 | Non-Resident Registration September 13


Beyond the Basics Ages 8-18

This intermediate-level acting class is for the young actor ready to tune specific acting skills. The class will cover intentional physical movement/positioning, voice,  delivery of a character and tips on memorization. Classwork will focus on specific selections from scripts and/or monologues. The final class will be an informal presentation for friends and family. Previous acting classes (at least two sessions of intro or performance in an NYT (or equivalent) staged production) are required.  


Ages 8-10      30313006-01           Oct 18-Dec 6            5:30-6:30p        $54/$60

Ages 11-14    30313006-03           Oct 18-Dec 6           6:45-8:15p         $80/$88


Ages 14-18    30313006-04           Oct 19-Dec 7          6:45-8:15p           $80/$88


Intro to Acting  Ages 6-11

This is a great class for the want-to-be actor! We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits and basic costume pieces. It is a great way to give acting a try. For the final class, we will show what we have learned in an informal presentation for family and friends. 


Ages 6-8      30313004-01          Oct 14-Nov 18        5:30-6:30p        $54/$60

Ages 9-11     30313004-03           Oct 14-Nov 18       5:30-7:00p         $54/$60


Just Off Center Comedy-Improv Ages 8-16

This class is for the quick-witted and intelligent young actor who loves comedy and improvisational acting/games!  Designed to help train young actors to engage their courage, creativity, control, and characterizations through a variety of games and exercises.  Previous acting and stage experience is strongly encouraged. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. 


Ages 8-11    30313016-01      Oct 13-Nov 3      5:15-6:45p      $40/$44

Ages 8-11    30313016-03      Nov 10-Dec 8     5:00-6:30p      $40/$44    No class Nov 24

Ages 12-16   30313016-02      Oct 13-Nov 3      7:00-8:30p      $40/$44

Ages 12-16   30313016-04      Nov 10-Dec 8     7:00-8:30p      $40/$44    No class Nov 24


NEW! Group Voice Lessons Ages 8-18

Working in a small group setting, this voice class will focus on a variety of techniques, exercises and skills for the young vocalist.  Each student will work on a selection of pieces for variety and vocal development. Bring a water bottle to class.


Ages 8-11      30313007-01     Oct 13-Dec 8       5:00-6:00p     $80/$88  No class Nov 24

Ages 12-18    30313007-05     Oct 13-Dec 8       6:15-7:15p     $80/$88  No class Nov 24


NEW! Vocal Techniques Adults

This techniques class is geared towards vocalists who wish to exercise their singing voice, brush up on skills and work on selected materials.  Participants can bring pieces they would like to work on specifically, and the instructor will also provide some pieces to help enhance specific disciplines.  This class is not genre-specific and is for those who have had a variety of performance experience (solo, choir, theatrical, etc.)  Bring a water bottle to each session.


Ages 18+    30313007-02   Oct 13-Dec 8      7:30-8:30p      $80/$88    No class Nov 24



Broadway Bound  Ages 6-8

Calling all aspiring musical theatre lovers!  We will work on dance selections from popular musicals.  New musical each session.    


30313013-01        Oct 13-Nov 3      Lion King     4:30-5:30p      $27/$30

30313013-02        Nov 10-Dec 8     Elf the Musical   4:30-5:30p   $27/$30          No class Nov 23


Musical Theatre Dance & Movement   Ages 7-14

We will work on selected choreography pieces from a variety of popular musicals. Wear comfortable clothing, jazz shoes encouraged.


Ages 7-10       30313062-01     Oct 12-Nov 16       5:15-6:15p      $40/$44

Ages 11-14     30313062-02     Oct 12-Nov 16       6:30-7:30p      $40/$44


Musical Theatre Dance Intensive  Ages 12-18

In this intermediate/advanced level class, we will work on more challenging dance and movement combinations and styles that are industry standard knowledge for young actors.  This is a key course for those seeking to develop their “triple-threat” potential.  Jazz and character shoes required.


Ages 12-18     30313008-02       Oct 14-Nov 18      6:15-7:45p     $80/$88


Tap  Ages 7-18

Beginning to intermediate level tap featuring steps and combos that are the building blocks for tap dancing. Wear comfortable clothing. Tap shoes required.



Ages 7-10      30315004-05       Oct 13-Nov 17       5:45-6:45p       $40/$44

Ages 11-14     30315004-11       Oct 13-Nov 17       7:00-8:00p       $40/$44



Ages 10-18     30315004-12      Oct 14-Nov 18        4:30-6:00p      $60/$66


Belly Dance with Phoenix   Ages 16+

Have fun learning how to belly dance while gaining flexibility and muscle control. Phoenix is a nationally-known instructor who will work with you on your posture, technique, and developing your own style.  Classes are divided into two sections, with new topics covered in each. Great for both new and continuing dancers!

Multi-Level Basics



30315005-01        Oct 13-Nov 17      7:30-8:30p       $57/$63

Winter Bonus Session

30315005-08        Dec 8-22               7:30-8:30p        $29/$32