2023/24 Art on Parade

The Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation is pleased to present the 2023/2024 Northglenn Art on Parade program. We thank the committed volunteers from the Adams County Cultural Council who distribute Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funds and the Northglenn City Council for their support of public art through the continued funding of this program. Thank you to city staff and local citizens who help plan, select, photograph, and care for the sculptures each year, including those who vote for the “People’s Choice”. Northglenn’s Art on Parade program is the result of your dedication, vision, and hard work.

Sculptures are on display at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park (11800 Community Center Drive) located across the street from the Northglenn Recreation Center and Parsons Theatre.  They will be on view at the park until May 2024.

Vote for your favorite sculpture until November 3, 2023 The sculpture with the most votes will be purchased and permanently installed in Northglenn.  All of the sculptures are available for sale by the artists – contact Michael Stricker at 303.450.8727 for more information.

     Site 1


     Diego Harris, California

     Medium: Powder Corten Steel

     Dimensions: 104” x 62” x 42”

     Cost: $9,000

   Sidewinder is an abstract sculpture made of Corten steel, also known as Weathering steel, which has trace amounts of other metals like copper and chromium. This metal develops a fine rust patina over time. The artist is inspired by plant and animal shapes in nature and tried to capture the essence of a moving serpent in this piece. The artist invites you to find your own interpretation as well.



     Site 2

     Top Cat

     Ellen Woodbury, Colorado

     Medium: Bronze

     Dimensions: 41” x 20” x 15”

     Cost: $27,000

Sometimes we have the good fortune to meet animals who steal our hearts and teach us more about life. Top Cat is a larger-than-life homage to the animals who have enriched the artist’s life.  The artist’s knowledge of movement, personality, and poses comes from a 20-year career animating animals in films at Walt Disney Feature Animation.


     Site 3

    The Family Tree

     Deveren Farley, Utah

     Medium: Recycled Metal

     Dimensions: 168” x 96” x 84”

     Cost: $26,000


The Family Tree is made from recycled and scraps of metal because the artist embraces the idea of simple living, conserving and recycling our resources. The sculpture features a mother bird watching over her nest of eggs, perched out for a day in the sun, and was inspired by the artist’s own family. It is whimsical enough to grab the attention of all ages that seek out the family and their unique differences. 



     Site 4


     Vanny Channal, Colorado

     Medium: Steel

     Dimensions: 64″ x 61″ x 43″

     Cost: $31,000


The butterfly goes through stages of change or a Metamorphosis to facilitate and carry on life. The artist created this butterfly on top of planet earth to symbolize the changes we must also embrace as human beings. Whether it is a shift in our career, family, relationships, or passions…without change there would be no progress.



     Site 5


     Charlotte Zink, Colorado

     Medium: Steel

     Dimensions: 80” x 38” x 26”

     Cost: $10,000

   This piece is titled Growing. She is welcoming us, inviting all to honor the beauty around us and the beauty within us.


     Site 6    

     Bug Vision

     Joseph McGrane, Colorado

     Medium: Concrete, Sandstone, Tile, Powder Coated Aluminum

     Dimensions: 58” x 42” x 8”

     Cost: $8,000

    Bug Vision chases fish and aquatic insects through two kaleidoscopes of pattern, light, and color. It is a fun and playful way to connect with friends, fish, and flies.