2024/25 Art on Parade


The Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation is pleased to present the 2024/2025 Northglenn Art on Parade program.


We thank the committed volunteers from the Adams County Cultural Council who distribute Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funds and the Northglenn City Council for their support of public art through the continued funding of this program. Thank you to city staff and local citizens who help plan, select, photograph, and care for the sculptures each year, including those who vote for the “People’s Choice” each fall. Northglenn’s Art on Parade program is the result of your dedication, vision, and hard work.

Sculptures are on display at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park (11800 Community Center Drive) located across the street from the Northglenn Recreation Center and Parsons Theatre.  They will be on view at the park until May 2023.

Vote for your favorite sculpture until November 1, 2024. The sculpture with the most votes will be permanently installed in Northglenn.  All of the sculptures are available for sale by the artists – contact Michael Stricker at 303.450.8727 for more information.

Site 1: Hoo What Where and When

Joseph Cole, Colorado

Medium: Steel

Dimensions:  68” x 25” x 16”

Cost: $7500

Three OWLETTES are wrapped in the TREE which signifies love and gratitude, the MOSS is to grow, a BRANCH to reach, the SNAIL     for patience, a little MOUSE for courage, the OWL to adapt into wisdom, and nails to hold it all together. That is what signifies “WHY”.



  Site 2:  With Wings Like Eagles

  Bill (Three Feathers) Bunting, Colorado

 Medium: Iron

 Dimensions: 132” x 65” x 24”

 Cost: $7,400

With Wings Like Eagles comes from the belief of most Native American Tribes that the eagle and eagle feathers are sacred, carrying their prayers to the Creator combined with a passage from the ancient text of Isaiah which states, “Those who wait upon the Creator shall mount up with wings like eagles.” The sculpture includes an original poem mounted at the base of the sculpture.


Site 3: Sun Lion

D’Jean Jawrunner, New Mexico

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 24” x 40” x 60”

Cost:  $35,000

Horned toads are reptilian unicorns. They are mythical and spiritual… predator and prey… a gift and source of joy to anyone blessed enough to meet one. They play a role in many cultures that is always positive. 


Site 4: Eternal Echoes

Charlotte Zink, Colorado

Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 96” x 15” x 8”

Cost: $10,000

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a contemplation on our miraculous journey in and being a part of this beautiful universe. We are all just specs of stardust making our way on this earth, hoping to explore and share life together, this incredible gift of life we’ve all been granted, Make the most of your amazing gifts while we’re all here together.


Site 5: Spiral Vortex

Diego Harris, California

Medium: Corten Steel

Dimensions: 102” x 66” x 42”

Cost: $10,000

The artist finds inspiration from plant and animal shapes in nature. When creating Spiral Vortex, the artist set out to capture the essence of the spiral, one of the most primal shapes that forms the building blocks for all life. The artist invites you to find your own interpretation as well.


Site 6: Magnify

 Kirk Seese, Maryland

Medium: Steel, Polycarbonate, Ink

Dimensions: 96” x 36” x 2”

 Cost: $7,500

This interactive, kinetic sculpture acts as a giant magnifying glass, except sunbeams pour through the colored lens as the viewer swivels the rings into position to catch the light, casting a stained glass reflection on the ground, or anything else it hits. Magnify demonstrates the concepts of transparency, light reflection and refraction, and the physics of mobility with it’s rotating top. 


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