2021/22 Art on Parade

The Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation is pleased to present the 2021/2022 Northglenn Art on Parade program. We thank the committed volunteers from the Adams County Cultural Council who distribute Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funds and the Northglenn City Council for their support of public art through the continued funding of this program. Thank you to city staff and local citizens who help plan, select, photograph, and care for the sculptures each year, including those who vote for the “People’s Choice” each fall. Northglenn’s Art on Parade program is the result of your dedication, vision, and hard work.

Sculptures are on display at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park (11800 Community Center Drive) located across the street from the Northglenn Recreation Center and DL Parsons Theatre.  They will be on view at the park until May 2022.

Vote for your favorite sculpture until November 12, 2021.  The sculpture with the most votes will be permanently installed in Northglenn.  All of the sculptures are available for sale by the artists – contact Michael Stricker at 303.450.8727 for more information.

Site 1

Lucky Ducks

Marianne Caroselli, Texas

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 37” x 54” x 48”

Cost: $14,900

Lucky Ducks was a joy to sculpt. It’s all bronze and will last a lifetime. The joy and innocence are seen in the boy’s face as he feeds the ducks bring a smile to your face.  Who are the lucky ones?


Site 2


Nicholas LoFaro, Colorado

Medium: Steel and Marble

Dimensions: 48” x 48” x 36”

Cost: $2,000

Dragonflies carry the wisdom of adaptability and transformation.  Meganeura was a giant-sized, extinct order of what we know as dragonfly, damselfly, and even griffinfly.  Dragonflies are master predators with over 300 million years of practice.


Site 3


Bobbie Carlyle, Colorado

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 38” x 18” x 13”

Cost: $18,500

A small girl still dressed in her Sunday best has quickly lost her best dressy shoes to escape to her beckoning garden where she wiggles her toes in the grass and makes friends with butterflies.


Site 4

Dancing Aspen

Reven Swanson, Colorado

Medium: Powder Coated Steel

Dimensions: 14’ x 10’ x 10’

Cost: $18,000

Growing up in a rural Colorado setting, Reven built forts in ditches,swung on the backs of wild horses and chased lizards with her sister, Channing. It was a childhood experience that ran closely with the rhythms of the natural world. In an expression of our High Plains playground, Dancing Aspens reminds us of peering through a colorful canopy. The swaying kinetic motion invites us to watch and observe the invisible wind currents.


Site 5


Jeff Best, Michigan

Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 66” x 45” x 90”

Cost: $18,000

Dominion represents the comeback of the almost extinct bison herd in the 19th century.  The efforts of conservationists, scientists, ranchers, and the general public vaulted their momentum for the comeback.  Dominion is made of barbed-wire and scrap metal.  He’s big, bold, and beautiful just like they are out on the prairie – that is their dominion.


Site 6

Sun Shadow Moon Light

Carl and Sean Yarbrough, Colorado

Medium: Steel, Acrylic/Enamel Paint

Dimensions: 85” x 36” x 64”

Cost: $10,000

This is the first collaborative outdoor sculpture by Carl and his son Sean.  It pays homage to heavenly cycles (day and night, full moons and new moons) that bring balance and harmony to earth.  As a viewer reads time, they are pulled in by the fiery sun at the center, just like the planets in our heliocentric galaxy.  Seven moon phases are depicted as well as a Milky Way scenery with the twelve-star constellations.