2022/23 Art on Parade

The Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation is pleased to present the 2022/2023 Northglenn Art on Parade program. We thank the committed volunteers from the Adams County Cultural Council who distribute Scientific and Cultural Facilities District funds and the Northglenn City Council for their support of public art through the continued funding of this program. Thank you to city staff and local citizens who help plan, select, photograph, and care for the sculptures each year, including those who vote for the “People’s Choice” each fall. Northglenn’s Art on Parade program is the result of your dedication, vision, and hard work.

Sculptures are on display at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park (11800 Community Center Drive) located across the street from the Northglenn Recreation Center and Parsons Theatre.  They will be on view at the park until May 2023.

Vote for your favorite sculpture until November 11, 2022 The sculpture with the most votes will be permanently installed in Northglenn.  All of the sculptures are available for sale by the artists – contact Michael Stricker at 303.450.8727 for more information.

     Site 1

     Dancing Moon Rollers

     Reven Swanson, Colorado

     Medium: Powder Coated Steel

     Dimensions: 96” x 120” x 240”

     Cost: $18,000

     Dancing Moon Rollers is an example of “implied kinetics”. The objects are stationery but possess a vibrant energy creating optic movement. Steel forms tension like a   spring provides an interactive experience to bounce and move around and through the forms.



     American Steel Eagle

     Vanny Channal, Colorado

     Medium: Scrap Metal

     Dimensions: 83” x 71” x 36”

     Cost: $25,000

Early in his career as an artist, Vanny was inspired to create by the materials that fell into his possession. American Steel Eagle is the second in his series of large scale animal sculptures and was created with an open wingspan to represent the freedom that his people and many others have found when coming to America.




     Site 3

     Mare Equus et Ferro Machina

     Steven Torres, Arizona

     Medium: Steel and Copper

     Dimensions: 72” x 24” x 40”

     Cost: $12,500

     Mare Equus et Ferro Machina is a relic from a steampunk timeline. This work is inspired by organic forms and mechanical devices merged into a zoological form. The repurposed elements give the sculpture a hint of age with the natural patina, enhancing the character of the sculpture.  This mechanical seahorse appears as if it could really function as a giant sea creature, rather than just an interesting ornament.



Site 4


     Kirk Seese, Maryland

     Medium: Tubular Steel

     Dimensions: 84″ x 36″ x 12″

     Cost: $7,500

     Icosahedron is a fancy word for a 20-sided polygon and celebrates the mathematical beauty of this shape.  A member of the Platonic Solid Family of geometric forms, this version spins on an axis inside a 3 ft octagon steel frame.  



     Site 5

     Cold Moon

     Sandy Friedman, Colorado

     Medium: Powder Coated Steel

     Dimensions: 144” x 72” x 72”

     Cost: $11,600

     Cold Moon was inspired by watching the full moon rising over the desert outside of Taos, New Mexico on Christmas night 2016. The stars were twinkling and the Cold moon was amazingly bright.The wind was blowing the clouds creating an image of the moon rising over and over again. The moonlight through the clouds created layers of light and dark producing dramatic positive and negative spaces.



     Site 6    

     Walking a Tight Line

     Jodie Bliss, Colorado

     Medium: Powder Coated Steel

     Dimensions: 106” x 74” x 33”

     Cost: $17,500

     Walking a Tight Line is a hand forged steel portrait that evokes a feeling of strength in times of uncertainty.  With her head held high, the tight rope walker gracefully navigates her path.