Theatre Rental

Capacity: 320

The DL Parsons Theatre is available to rent. The large dressing rooms, proscenium stage, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, and 320 seating capacity, make it the perfect facility for recitals, film screenings, school programs, seminars, concerts, and theatre performances. The DL Parsons Theatre is conveniently located at I-25 and 120th Avenue and has a large (FREE!) parking lot.

All rentals include a theatre technician, and scheduling and contracting services.

    All venue rental requests MUST BE EMAILED to Michael Stricker at 

Rentals are available but in a limited capacity and availability.  Contact Michael for more information.


2020 Rental Rates and Fees

Basic Fees Nonprofit Standard
Basic Theatre Rental (Mon-Thur) $60/hr $80/hr
Basic Theatre Rental (Fri-Sun) $70/hr $90/hr
Damage Deposit* $150 $150
Front House Manager (required when audience is present) $20/hr $20/hr
Additional Fees
Additional Technician $30/hr $30/hr
Additional Technician/Spotlight Operator $30/hr $30/hr
Lighting Upgrade Package 1 $300 $300
Lighting Upgrade Package 2 $800 $800
Stage Platforms* $50 $50
Piano Use/Tuning Fee* $50 $50
Keyboard Rental $50/day $50/day
Additional Mics $10/mic/day $10/mic/day


*Indicates one-time only fee four-hour minimum and Front of House Manager required on ALL public-invited events, excluding rehearsals. Theatre technician is on site for all rentals. Holiday rates are 1.5 x base rental rate.


Amenities included at no charge:

  • Technical director
  • Scheduling and contracting services
  • Lighting system (standard plot, spotlight)
  • Sound system (including full inventory of hand-held microphones and stands)
  • Set, props, and lights storage between scheduled rentals
  • 2 large dressing rooms (restrooms/showers) with adjoining green room (80-person capacity)
  • Video projector/DVD player
  • Movie screen
  • Lectern
  • Chairs/tables/table skirts (stage and mezzanine)