Wayfinding, Walkability & Vinyl Wraps Project

The City of Northglenn in partnership with the Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation (NAHF), is conducting an open entry competition to select a qualified artist/artist team, from 2-5 finalists, to beautify the many traffic signal and utility boxes placed within the city through the selection of an artist/artist team. The selected artist/artist team will be printed on vinyl and will cover the box. A third-party design fabricator will be used to print the vinyl wraps and will be installed by the same group.

This artist/artist team will be designing all 30 locations with a common look and connected theme with the goal of not only beautifying the boxes but also creating a Northglenn identity. This can be done through iconography, wayfinding, color, representation, motif’s, imagery, impressions, etc. Designs will be unique to each box but pulled from the same theme. The design should add to the vibrancy of our cityscape and create a sense of community and connection.

Submitted portfolios must be original works by the artist or artist team and in compliance with all existing copyright laws. Because it is public in nature, artwork may not contain advertising, religious art, sexual, violent or other content unsuitable for all ages and cannot convey political partisanship.

Please submit previous murals/vinyl wrap/public art works.

How To Apply

Application materials must be received on or before June 6, 2024 at 5:00 PM MST. Any application materials received after the deadline will not be considered. Project must be completed by fall of 2024.

All submissions, including .jpg formatted photos, must be submitted via café website HERE. Videos of public art works are also accepted.

To ensure that the artwork meets the expectations of the muralist, staff, residents, and other stakeholders, the selected artist/artist team will participate in a design process. This process includes place-based research, site visits, and design meetings to help complete the muralist concept design.

Artwork & Design Criteria

Artist/artist team will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, as demonstrated by the quality of their past work (portfolio) and suitability of their aesthetic design for the site.

Once artist/artist team is selected they will be designing for the following:


  • 25-30 traffic signal cabinets
  • Design can apply to all outside surfaces except for necessary function of cabinet
  • Artist/artist team will design a customized series of images that will incorporate wayfinding and walkability messaging, as well as iconography and imagery to help passerby’s know they are in Northglenn and assist them in finding their way along major trails, arterials and to key destinations within the community

Artist/artist team applications/portfolios will be evaluated on the following criteria:


  • Visually engages and is contextually responsive to the community
  • Creates a sense of “place”
  • Produces high quality, innovative and meaningful artwork


  • Effectively represents purpose of artwork
  • Creates artwork that is functionally appropriate for canvas/place


  • Shows awareness of artworks surrounding environment
  • Produces artwork which contextually responds positively to the site conditions


  • Demonstrates ability to work with varied and dynamic stake-holders
  • Demonstrates ability to meet project requirements, and to work with required materials
  • Demonstrates ability to execute the project within the project timeline and budget

Selection Process

Up to five artists/artist teams will be selected for a short presentation and interview. If necessary, an additional interview will be required.

Portfolios will be screened to ensure artistic merit and appropriateness for public display. The selection committee will be made of City staff and NAHF members.
Funding is being provided by the City of Northglenn, Adams County Open Space grant funds, and the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation (NAHF).

For additional information, please contact Director Michael Stricker at 303-450-8727 or by email at mstricker@northglenn.org. Northglenn Arts office is located at 1 E. Memorial Parkway, Northglenn, CO 80233.

Legal Agreement

Artists will certify to the City of Northglenn that they have created and possess unencumbered title to their portfolio designs.

If artwork restoration is needed, the City of Northglenn will work with the artist and be responsible for any costs incurred. The City of Northglenn will not be liable for application and manufacturing flaws.

Artist will take sole responsibility for vinyl manufacturer and installation.

Artist will allow the City of Northglenn and NAHF to publish photos and information related to their artwork for promotional purposes.

Artists will be responsible for all transportation costs associated with their design process and work.

Artists will enter a contract outlining these responsibilities if selected to participate in the project.


Thank you for your interest! Click the following links for more information about Art on Parade, our permanent collection and the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation.