Missoula Children’s Theatre


The Little Mermaid

Adapted  by Jim Caron

Music & Lyrics by Michael McGill and Jim Caron


No photography or videotaping is allowed during the performance. 

There will be a time for photos immediately following the show.

Please silence all cell phones.



Professor Thumperdumper Bridget Forsythe

Mrs. Merman  Bridget Forsythe

Celia  Sarah Stoll

Gil  Storm Simonson

Delia Keara Reagan 

Amelia  Savannah Stoll

Ophelia Elsie Rabus 

Starfish  Greta Jones
King. Grace Dunn 

Queen Kensey Lane 

Prince Charlie Bordenave 

Sea Scouts

Ainsleigh Lindemann

Amelia Eastment              

Annabelle McDougall              

Bailey Reagan

Evie Waldron

Jacqueline Fairbairn

Kaitlyn Klenjoski

Kennedy Kisselman

Olivia Lambrecht

Penelope Griffy

Sydney Williams             

Taylor Starrett 


Audrey Kennedy

Brynlee Lewis                 

Carly Weiss

Gabby Herd 

Joanie Johnson            

Katelyn Waldren

Ky Peterson

 Lauren Knuesel

Lexi Carrico

Magnolia Saldana

Marshall Pentzer      

Noe Bordenave

Rachel Stoll

Reagan Brands

Slate Simonson

Trey Owens

Town Criers                

Amelia Grant

Cora Bordenave

Emilie Matthies

Georgia Engebretson-Horton

Gracelyn Irvin

 Mercy Strah

Luke Weiss

Zoe Peterson


Amelia Hardy

Bentley Bolan

Camryn Radcliff

Cecilia Stockho

Della Owens

Evangelina Valdivia

Halie Hotka

Jaedyn Meredith

Jeremiah Jensen


Director Jenna Moll Reyes

Stage Manager Adara Baltazar

Costume Designer Kaylee Cooper

Set Designer Cheryl Brodzinsky

Sound Designer John Hauser

Props Manager Adara Baltazar

Lighting Designer W. Alejandro Melendez

Tech Crew Asher Mariott, Zach Dodson, Story Faber, Zoe Hurd


Tour Actor/Director              Bridget Forsythe 

Tour Actor/Director             Caylin Maguire

Assistant Directors    

Maya Lucas

Eden DeMuth

Delila Carrico

Azalia Mills

Accompanist      Brenda Morse 

Producer       Michael Stricker

Theater Program Manager           Patrick Berger

Theater Coordinator                Kimberly Jongejan

Technical Director                          Dan Mori

Assistant Technical Director    Wren Tran Ryder

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing Coordinator   Terra Mueller


Deep in the salty waters of the Sassafras Sea, there lived a Little Mermaid. Her name was Celia.  She lived for music. In fact, it was said that she had the loveliest scales in all of the Deep. Celia and her three sisters were allowed one visit to the World Above, each on their sixteenth birthday, to learn the secrets of life on dry land. Their discoveries included ferocious dragons, advancing armies and, of course, a handsome and resourceful Prince Charming. In a new version of the age-old tale, lots of music, plot surprises and humor await the audience.


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