A NYT Jr. Production


Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR

Book by Kevin Del Aguilla – Original Music and Lyrics by George Noriega & Joel Someillan


Alex Jack Nickerson

Marty Caleb Hubbard

Gloria Millie Marquez

Melman Ian Amaro

King Julien Rachel Crosby

Skipper Logan Spatafore

Kowalski Wrangler Esquibel

Rico Emmalie Matthies

Private Ireland Bennett


Zelda Chloe Hinton

Zeke Zoe Peterson

Zoe Kyleigh Lucas

Maurice Autumn Mariotti

Mort Finley Sterner

Mason Gabby Herd


Valentina Morera

Micaela Moore

Cammi Kinsey

Luna Province

Lew Rocco Wilcox

Lee Sydney Williams

Lars Ryker Schindler

Lemur Chorus:
Esther Ehlis, Garret Cindric, Joanie Johnson, Karigan Kirkley, Lilia Uzcategui, Livy Cosgrove, Addi Baye Walls, Riley Mulholland

Zoo Guests:
Addi Baye Walls, Autumn Mariotti, Livy Cosgrove, Finley Sterner, Katelyn Calley, Mariana Aburto, Riley Mulholland, Skylar Bowdey


Cameraman Luna Province

Camden Hammernose Rocco Wilcox

Old Lady Mariana Aburto

Newspaper Guy Garret Cindric

Police#1 Karigan Kirkley

Police#2 Esther Ehlis

Passerby Sydney Williams

Subway Announcer Lilia Uzcategui

Animal Control Officer#1 Skylar Bowdey

Animal Control Officer#2 Livy Cosgrove

New Yorkers Chorus:  Garrett Cindric, Joanie Johnson, Ryker Schindler

Ship’s Captain Katelyn Calley

Servers:  Esther Ehlis, Karigan Kirkley, Katelyn Calley, Lilia Uzcategui,Kyleigh Lucas, Cammi Kinsey, Micaela Moore, Valentina Morera

Steaks:Addi Baye Walls, Livy Cosgrove, Mariana Aburto, Riley Mulholland, Skylar Bowdey, Chloe Hinton, Zoe Peterson

Foosa:Cammi Kinsey, Chloe Hinton, Kyleigh Lucas, Micaela Moore, Valentina Morera, Zoe Peterson, Skylar Bowdey, Katelyn Calley


Director Kimberly Jongejan

Technical Director Dan Mori

Asst. Technical Director Wren Tran Ryder

Music Director Carla Baldwin

Stage Manager Natalie Loring

Asst. Stage Manager Natasha Gangji

Choreographer Lauren Russell 

Costume Designer Kristan Stephens 

Set Designer Phi Le    

Sound Designer Rowan Livengood

Props Manager Adara Baltazar

Lighting Designer Laurel Ladzinski

Production Asst. Hazel Foubert

Tech Crew Grace Dunn  Story Faber Home Tommy Feijoo  Taylor McEwen Ky Peterson  Evie Sickbert, Lincoln Witham  Maverick Witham Miles Duke  Brycen Cosgrove


Executive Producer   Michael Stricker

Artistic Producer     Patrick Berger

Theater Coordinator    Kimberly Jongejan

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing Coordinator   Terra Mueller

Patron Services   Violet Mitchell, Zahra Murad, Tessa Maceda

Thank you to all our parent volunteers!
We couldn’t do this without you.


Madagascar A Musical Adventure JR

Is presented through special arrangement with 

Music Theatre International (MTI).

All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.MTIShows.com

Any video recording made of this performance is authorized for personal, at-home, non-commercial use only. The sale or distribution of such recording is strictly prohibited under federal copyright law.  Photography, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited. 


SCENE ONE – The Central Park Zoo, New York City

“It’s Showtime” – Alex, Gloria, Marty, Melman, Mason, Lionesses, Zoo Keepers, Zoo Guests, Penguins

“Wild and Free” –  Marty, Zoo Keepers, Zoo Guests

“Best Friends” – Alex, Marty

SCENE TWO – New York City Street/Subway Station

“Relax, Be Cool, Chill Out” – Marty, Alex, Gloria, Melman, Mason, Penguins

“Grand Central” – Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Mason, Penguins

SCENE THREE – The Boat to Africa

“Penguins’ Sea Shanty ” – Penguins

SCENE FOUR – The Beach of Madagascar

“Welcome to Me” – King Julian, Maurice, Mort, Lynn, Lee, Lew, Lars, Lemur Chorus

“I Like to Move It” – King Julian, Maurice, Mort, Lynn, Lee, Lew, Lars, Chorus, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Mason


SCENE FIVE – Nighttime on the Beach

“Steak”-  Alex, Servers, Steaks

SCENE SIX – The Boat to Antarctica

“Penguins’ Sea Shanty (Reprise)” – Penguins

SCENE SEVEN – Beautiful Watering Hole

“Living in Paradise” – Marty, King Julien, Gloria, Melman, Mason, Maurice, Mort,Lynn, Lee, Lew, Lars, Lemur chorus, Alex

SCENE EIGHT – Scary Foosa Territory

“Foosa Hungry” – Foosa

“Best Friends (Reprise)” – Marty

“King of Madagascar” – Foosa, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Mason, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Lynn, Lee, Lew, Lars, Lemur chorus, Penguins

“Together Forever” – Company

BOWS – Feel free to join in singing and shakin’ your booty!

Audience Participation – “I Like to Move It (Reprise)”  


Jack Nickerson – Alex

Jack is pumped to be here at NYT opening his very first production as Alex the Lion on his 12th birthday! Jack is a 7th grader at Flatirons Academy and plays on the middle school basketball team. He’s active in the Youth Group at his church and volunteers for KUVO Public Radio. Jack is very creative and can build just about anything. He can usually be found in his studio at home or at the Anythink Library making something cool. Jack is having a great time here at NYT and plans to do many more productions! 

Caleb Hubbard – Marty

Caleb is exhilarated to be at NYT for his 2nd production. His most recent shows include Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland,A Christmas Carol, The Rainbow Fish, Mary Poppins,and Newsies Jr. You can find Caleb playing games, hanging with friends, or doing theater. Caleb would like to thank his parents for helping him follow his dreams and his cast for making this experience amazing!

Millie Marquez – Gloria

Much like real hippopotamuses, when Millie yawns or wiggles her ears, it’s a sign of aggression. Please keep your distance. When she is not terrorizing Jungle Cruise skippers,  has been seen in such classic NYT Jr. shows as Willy
Wonka Jr.
(Violet Beauregarde), Alice in Wonderland Jr. (Card), and The Enchanted Bookshop (Sherlock Holmes). If Millie were to tell you that it hasn’t been an absolute blast playing Gloria in Madagascar Jr., then she would be total hippo-crite.

Ian Amaro – Melman

This is Ian’s 4th production with NYT and is very excited to play the role of Melman! He is a 7th grader at Rocky Top middle school and loves being part of this community. He has put a lot of passion into this show along with the cast. He would like to thank his family and friends for always supporting him in his theatrical pursuits. He is now ready to move it, move it on stage!

Rachel Crosby – King Julien

Rachel is beyond excited to be back at NYT Jr. for her fourth show.  She loved being in Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and most recently playing Heidi in The Enchanted
. She also loved playing the role of Eddie last year in her school production of The Enchanted Bookshop. Rachel is a 7th grader at Ascend homeschool co-op and is 12 years old. When she’s not on stage you can find her baking or hanging out with her friends. Rachel would like to thank her great friends Sophia Kafer and Anya Pyle for always encouraging her.

Logan Spatafore – Skipper

Logan is really excited to be back for his 6th NYT production in the role of Skipper! Some of his favorite previous roles include Tigger & Olaf (NYT), Gomez Addams & Scuttle (Studio School.)Logan is a 7th grader that loves to do pipe cleaner crafts, swim, watch TV and play with friends. He would like to thank the cast, directors, stage crew and the audience!

Wrangler Esquibel – Kowalski

Wrangler is 10 years old, for only a few more days. He is a fifth grader at Hackberry Hill elementary school where he has performed in their school plays the past two years. In April, he was Shrek in Shrek
and plans to wear the mask as his Halloween costume next month. Beyond the stage, Wrangler loves to play flag football, baseball, golf and all forms of video games – even the OG Packman! 

Emmalie Matthies – Rico

Emmalie is excited to be back at NYT for her third production. She loved being in Alice in Wonderland and the Enchanted
. She also participated in the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of the The Little Mermaid this summer. Emmalie is a 6th grader at Century middle school where she is looking forward to creating and participating in some new clubs.  When not on stage, you can find Emmalie spending time with her friends, family and two dogs. Emmalie would like to thank her two older brothers and younger sister for always coming to her plays.

Ireland Bennett – Private Ireland has performed in Shrek Jr. as young Fiona and Cruella de Vil in Descendants. She is a 5th grader and received the award of Right Hand to Director with Rocky Mountain Kids Theatre. She loves crochet, legos, piano and just hanging out with friends when she’s not performing. 

Autumn Mariotti – Maurice, Zoo Guest

Autumn is overjoyed to be in her 4th production with NYT.  Previous roles include: Tom Sawyer in The Enchanted Bookshop, Orange in Winnie the Pooh, and the Frog Footman in Alice in Wonderland.   This year Autumn is in 6th grade at Broomfield Heights.  Off stage, Autumn enjoys swimming, reading, playing games, and teaching her puppy, Huckleberry, new tricks.  Autumn would like to thank all the cast, crew, and staff at NYT as well as her family and friends for another great show!

Finley Sterner – Mort, Zoo Guest

This is Finley’s first production with NYT and she is very excited to play the role of Mort! She is a 5th grader at The Academy and loves meeting all of the cast members, working together, and creating a community together. She has put a lot of hard work and enthusiasm into this show along with the cast. She would like to thank family and friends for always supporting her and encouraging her to do what she loves. She is ready to dance, sing, and perform with her fellow castmates! Let’s MOVE IT!

Gabby Herd – Mason

Gabby is excited to be back at NYT for her third production here. Her previous shows include Winnie the Pooh, where she was Indigo the Naratior and The Enchanted Bookshop as the Queen of Hearts. Gabby is a 6th grader at Rocky Top middle school. When she’s not at the theater, Gabby enjoys drawing, singing, and spending time with family and friends. Gabby would like to thank her family, friends, everyone that drove her to and from rehersals, and the cast for being fun and supportive!!

Chloe Hinton – Zookeeper Zelda,Foosa,Steak

Chloe is thrilled to be in her fifth NYT production! She has been in many previous shows which include the NYT productions of The Enchanted Bookshop, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka Jr, and Winnie the Pooh. She has also acted in her school’s performances of Toy Camp, Big Bad: The Musical,  and James and the Giant Peach. Chloe is  a 7th grader at Bromley East charter school in Brighton. When she is not acting, she enjoys cooking and painting. She wants to thank all the cast and crew for being so amazing in this show!

Zoe Peterson – Zookeeper Zeke,Foosa,Steak

Zoe is excited to be performing in her third production with NYT Jr. Previous shows have included Willy Wonka Jr., Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh Jr. Zoe is a 4th grader at Prairie Hills elementary. She enjoys reading, playing games, painting and playing with her dog, Piper. She appreciates the entire cast and crew of Madagascar
for putting together a great show!

Kyleigh Lucas – Zookeeper Zoe,Foosa,Steak

Kyleigh is 10 years old and a 5th grader at the Studio School in Northglenn. She has acted in multiple plays including Winnie the Pooh and Matilda Jr. Kyleigh loves improv and has a great sense of humor. She loves dancing and has participated in formal dance classes for most of her life. Kyleigh would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her as she continues to grow.  

Cambrie Kinsey – Lioness,Foosa,Server

Cambrie is excited for her debut with NYT! Previously, she was in Shrek Jr and Lion King Jr with the Hackberry Hill Elementary school theatre program. Cambrie is a 6th grader at Quist Middle School. When not on stage, you can find Cambrie doing gymnastics, practicing clarinet, or enjoying her favorite past time – reading. Cambrie wants to thank the entire production cast and staff for accepting her with open arms and making her first experience with NYT one she will never forget!

Micaela Moore – Lioness,Foosa,Server

Micaela is so excited for her first performance at NYT! She is a fifth grader at Escuela Valdez. Micaela has always loved singing and has had a huge dream of being a big actor.  She is a very athletic person, who is part of a gymnastic community as well. Micaela also has a background in Choir and some singing performances. This show is Micaela’s first big step into the acting and singing world. She wants to thank her fellow actors and family for this incredible opportunity! She hopes you enjoy the show!

Valentina Morera – Lioness,Foosa,Server

Valentina is back at NYT for her fifth show, her latest have been Foot
and Matilda Jr. at The Studio school, now she is in middle school and is excited for this new stage. When not performing Valentina loves dancing, reading and listening to her favorite music . She wants to thank NYT for this amazing opportunity.

Luna Province – Lynn, Cameraman

Luna loves the color green and attends the Academy of charter schools, Luna is 11, has 2 siblings, plays cello, and loves video games, She watches a lot of YouTube, loves food and listens to music. She adores theater. She is proud of her performance in soccer and her achievements in school. She is proud of her involvement in the Frozen musical at her school where she was in the choir. She credits her parents as the only reason she is the amazing kid she is today. Her family has always been there for her, and she is forever grateful. 

Rocco Wilcox – Lew, Camden Hammernose

Rocco is happy to be included in his second performance at NYT (and ever, anywhere).  He had a blast playing Robin Hood in The Enchanted Bookshop this summer and decided to give a musical a try.  When he’s not being a goofball on stage, he can be found reading, playing video games, watching a favorite show or wrestling with his big brother.  He’d like to thank Millie for talking him into auditioning again and the entire Madagascar cast and crew for making this so much fun.  He has definitely found his place and his people. PEACE!

Sydney Williams – Lee, Passerby

This is Sydney’s fourth NYT production and she is delighted to be back on stage. Sydney has previously performed in My Sister the Dragon, Willy Wonka,and Game of Tiaras. She is in 7th grade at Century middle school and has enjoyed participating in their theater program as well. She also enjoys running 5k races with her dad, traveling, and spending time with friends. Sydney would like to thank her mom & dad for always supporting her. She is also extremely grateful to the cast and crew for all their hard work! Enjoy the show!

Ryker Schindler – Lars/New Yorker

Ryker is thrilled to be performing in his first show at NYT! He caught the bug about a year and a half ago and has now performed at 3 theaters.  Previous roles include Winthrop in Music Man, Jr., Munchkin Barrister/ensemble in Wizard of Oz, and ensemble in Frozen Jr. and Descendants.  He’d like to thank his sister, Mikaela, for helping him with music and monologues, his sister Lexi for being a role model in the arts, to his brothers Kobe & Cade for supporting him, and to Dad and Mom for saying yes to anything for which he wants to audition/perform.

Addi Baye Walls – Ensemble

Addi Baye is very excited to be apart of theatre for the first time in Colorado. She moved here last year from Georgia where she had her first opportunity to be apart of High School Musical  and fell in love with theatre. She is a 6th grader at Discovery Magnet school. She enjoys art, music, and playing volleyball. She would like to thank her mom and dad for encouraging her to face her fears and pursue her love for theatre. 

Livy Cosgrove – Ensemble

Livy is in the 5th grade at The Studio School. This is Livy’s 3rd NYT production. She played The Wicked Witch of the West in The Enchanted Bookshop and a forest animal in Winnie the Pooh. She recently played a school girl in Matilda Jr. and has been in numerous other productions at school. She also enjoys gymnastics and anything to do with animals. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support. 

Esther Ehlis – Ensemble

Esther is thrilled to be participating in her 5th NYT production. Previous shows include Frozen Jr, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka Jr, and most recently Winnie the Pooh.  She is a 5th grader at Ascend Homeschool Co-op. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and reading. Esther would like to thank her family for supporting her in musical theater and her castmates for being so awesome to work with. Relax, be cool, chill out, and enjoy the show!

Garrett Cindric – Ensemble

Garrett is returning to NYT for his second show. After getting his first role in Frozen,Jr, he caught the theater bug. Garrett attends Westgate Community school, loves gaming with his friends, and outdoor activities like kayaking and rock climbing. He would like to thank his family for all their support, especially his Grandma Sharon who helps get him to all of his rehearsals.

Joanie Johnson – Ensemble

Joanie is a ten year old 5th grader at Tarver elementary. She has been a student in NYT classes for many years including voice lessons, musical theatre, and improv. Joanie has participated in two Missoula Children’s Theatre shows; Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. She enjoys singing, swimming, and arts and crafts in her free time. Joanie would like to thank here mom and dad for helping her prepare for her audition. 

Karigan Kirkley – Ensemble

This is Karigan’s second role in NYT. Karigan played Dorothy in The Enchanted Bookshop. She is in 5th grade at Jefferson Academy and has appeared in multiple high school productions including the Elephant Bird in Seussical (her first role at the age of 3), Music Man, and a singing role as Young Fiona in Shrek. Outside of acting, she loves anything arts, playing clarinet, gaming and is a junior Girl Scout. Her other favorite passion is her black cat, Lucy. She would like to thank Ms. Grace at Jefferson Academy for giving her the opportunity to fall in love with theatre, Mrs. Gardner, her parents and NYT and the cast. 

Katelyn Calley – Ensemble

Katelyn is 10 years old, and is very excited to be a part of her first NYT show. Previously she has acted in Alice in Wonderland,Rainbow Fish, Willy Wonka, Bremen town Musicians, and Buddy the Elf. When she is not acting you can find her playing with her friends, roller blading, reading, or listening to Taylor Swift songs. Katelyn is a 5th grader at Thunder Vista where she is a member of Thunderstruck and Battle of the Books. Katelyn would like to thank her best friend Haley for pushing her to do more acting.

Lilia Uzcategui – Ensemble

Lilia is thrilled to be in her second show with NYT! She would like to thank her friends, family and her voice teacher, Mrs. Sarah for supporting her. When  Lilia isn’t acting or learning at school you can most likely find her taking to her friends or drawing.

Mariana Aburto – Ensemble

Mariana is delighted to be in her 3rd NYT production after being cast in Winnie the Pooh, the Musical and The Enchanted Bookshop. As passionate about arts, Mariana loves everything related to them, from painting to dancing, singing, and music. Aside from theater, you can find Mariana volunteering in different initiatives, solving math problems, or learning new skills such as American Sign Language. Mariana wants to thank her family for their support and the NYT for trusting her.

Riley Mulholland – Ensemble

Riley is 12 years old and is a 6th grader at Quist middle school. At school her favorite classes are Choir and Computer Applications. This is her first ever production. She is excited to join the NYT group. When she’s not rehearsing or at school she is dancing, singing and playing with her sister. Riley would like to thank Addi Baye for giving her courage to audition. She would love to thank her mom for helping her continue to grow, and the rest of her family for having her back always!

Skylar Bowdey – Ensemble

Skylar is really excited to Madagascar as her 5th NYT show. Including Frozen as Oaken family, Willy Wonka as an Oompa Loompa, Alice in Wonderland as a card, Winnie the Pooh as a rabbit, and now Madagascar in ensemble!

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