Book by Joe Tracz
Music & Lyrics by Rob Rokicki
Adapted from the book “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan
Directed by Kimberly Jongejan
Music Direction by Mikaela Schindler

Originally Commissioned, Created, and Produced Off Broadway by TheaterWorksUSA

Thank you so much for coming to see our true labor of love, The Lightning Thief. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Perhaps you’re in the Percy Jackson fandom and have read all of Riordan’s books. Perhaps you’re a fan of Greek mythology. Or perhaps you’re a sucker for an adventure where the underdog battles the bullies. No matter what the reason, this tale is for you.

When the series was published in the early 2000’s, it was truly ground breaking by placing a hero with disabilities as the main character. Having a brave and perseverant young hero that had to deal with and navigate not just the bad guys, but also his own personal struggles was an incredible break through in the world of young adult fiction!

If you’re not versed in the world of greek mythology or would just like a refresher, scan the QR code on page 7 – there’s so much more to discover.

Kimberly Jongejan – Director
Kimberly is honored to be directing The Lightning Thief with such an amazing team! This production kicks off her 29th year with the City of Northglenn and her work growing and nurturing the award-winning Northglenn Youth Theatre/NYT Jr. programs and their Academy educational branch, which offers classes, camps, and workshops throughout the year. Kimberly has received local and national honors for her work with NYT and in youth theatre programming. She proudly serves on the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition (Sec.) and Northglenn Next (Co-Chair) committees – actively promoting change and unity for all in the pursuit of making beautiful art and fostering the love of art for the future generations. Kimberly would like to thank her family for all their love and support and to every person who contributed to this project. Give blood – you’ll save a life!

Photography, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


Percy Jackson … Duncan Jones
US Percy … Dylan Le
Annabeth… Zoe Hurd
US Annabeth … Kylie Bowdey
Grover … Alton Peacey
US Grover … Cailyn Rey
Sally Jackson … Lia Morley
Luke … Loki Swan
Mr. Brunner/Chiron … Geoffrey Boden
Mrs. Dodds … Valera Noland
Clarisse … Ryah Swan
Silena Beauregard … Cora Weber
Katie Gardner … Elsie Rabus
Mr. D … Luke Paulson
Gabe Ugliano… Tryston Romero-Cruz
Poseidon … Drew McFadden
Aunty Em … Evelyn Feauto
The Oracle/Hades … Gabe Richardson
Charon … Aliyah Ehlis
Ares … Hoshea Ehlis

Greek Chorus
Annie Erwin
Audrey Lee
Miriam Milburn
Ruby Breheny
Simone Ketelsen
Sophia Kafer
Vienna Frey
Lilly Sergeeff

Ayi Rico
Clayton Dains
Eleanor Savage
Evie Sickbert
Kensey Lane
Kyrie Wills
Layla Stark
Lilly Sergeeff
Lucienne Pierce
Max Morley
Rohan Newman
Sophie Whalen
Taylor McEwen
Wren Gray
Cailyn Rey
Dylan Le
Drew McFadden
Kylie Bowdey
Tryston Romero

Voice of Kronos
Kyle VanDewart
Ted Strickland
Bailee Terry

Director … Kimberly Jongejan
Musical Director … Mikaela Schindler
Stage Manager … Veronica Legler
Choreographer … Angila Waldman
Costume Manager … Rachel Brazell
Set Designer … Andrew Machovec
Lighting Designer … Naomie Winch
Sound Designer … Rowan Livengood
Props Manager … Jerod Fink
Production Asst … Jackson Vaughn
Production Asst … Natasha Gangji
Dance Captain … Geoffrey Boden
Projections … Sam Morin
Technical Crew
Aksel Gangji
Brycen Cosgrove
Desiree Kennison
Evan Varmo
Jayden Middleton
Ky Peterson
Lachlan Migues
Lincoln Witham
Mack Dunn
Maverick Witham
Miles Duke
Payton Jessup
Reagan Sanford
Story Faber Home
Tom McVeety


Executive Producer   Michael Stricker

Artistic Producer   Patrick Berger

NYT Program Director    Kimberly Jongejan

Production Stage Manager    Veronica Legler

Technical Director   Daniel Mori

Assistant Technical Director   Wren Tran Ryder

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing CoordinatorTerra Mueller

Patron Services

Violet Mitchell

Zahra Murad

Tessa Maceda

Ian Guerra

Thank you to all the parent volunteers and amazing helpers. We couldn’t do this without you.



“The Day I Got Expelled” –  Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Greek Chorus, Ensemble

“Strong” – Percy, Sally

“The Minotaur! / The Weirdest Dream” – Percy, Greek Chorus

“Another Terrible Day” – Mr. D, Percy, Silena, Katie, Chiron

“Their Sign” – Chiron, Percy, Luke

“Put You in Your Place” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Half Blood Campers, Greek Chorus

“The Campfire Song” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Half Blood Campers, Chiron

“The Oracle” – Oracle, Echoes, Percy

“Good Kid” – Percy, Greek Chorus

“Killer Quest!” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Half Blood Campers, Chiron



“Lost” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover

“My Grand Plan” – Annabeth

“Drive” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Ares, Greek Chorus

“The Tree on the Hill” – Grover, Greek Chorus, Thalia

“D.O.A.” – Charon, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Death Dancers, DJ Cerberus

“Son of Poseidon” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Greek Chorus, Sally, Ares

“The Last Day of Summer” – Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Chiron, Mr. D., Luke, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Half Blood Campers

“Bring On the Monsters” – Full Cast

“Bows” – Full Cast


Duncan Jones Percy Jackson
Duncan is an 8th grader at Prairie View Middle School. He is very excited for his 9th production at NYT. Some of his favorite roles have been in Newsies, Game of Tiaras, Willy Wonka, Descendants and The Worst Play In The History of Ever. He has also been active in Prairie View High School’s theater department. He would like to thank his family, friends, and castmates for supporting him. Duncan is also grateful for the guidance of his voice coach, Sarah Barber, as well as the directing and production crew for giving him this opportunity!

Zoe Hurd Annabeth
Zoe is so thrilled to be in her 8th show at NYT. She has been at NYT for four years and is so excited for her years of hard work to pay off by playing Annabeth! You may have just seen her as Janis in Mean Girls at Mile High Youth Theater and you can see her as Elsa in Frozen Jr at her school Doral. Zoe is 13 turning 14 during the run of the show. Zoe would love to give a shout out to two of her friends who were with her throughout two shows, her parents for driving her everywhere and her cast for being amazing.

Alton Peacey Grover
Alton is very excited to participate in his third NYT show! You may have seen him previously as Carlos in Descendants and Henry in Newsies. When you don’t see him on stage, you can find him at school or practicing violin. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Lia Morley Sally Jackson
Lia is so excited to be in her third NYT production. Past favorite roles include Cady in Mean Girls, Eponine in Les Miserables, Finch in Newsies, and Evie (understudy) in Descendants. Lia is 16 years old and attends Stargate Charter School. When not on stage, she plays piano and loves Jane Austen and BBC dramas. She’d like to thank her parents for supporting her in all her endeavors.

Loki Swan Luke
Loki is excited to be returning for their 3rd show at NYT! Previous roles include, Spot Conlon in Newsies, Jay in Descendants, Damian in Mean Girls and The Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. When they aren’t preparing forshows they can be found studying emergency medicine with Future Forward and sleeping. They would like to thank their family and friends for all of their support and encouragement in everything they do.

Geoffrey Boden Mr. B./Chiron
Geoffrey is ecstatic to be in his seventh NYT show! These include All Together Now, Seussical, Descendants, and most recently, Newsies. Geoffrey is a sophomore at Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, which is an online school that he has been attending for 3 1/2 years. This school year, he was nominated to be a member of the National Honor Society. Geoffrey also has played piano for ten years, and can be found taking part in competitions. He would like to thank his mom for always encouraging him and the cast for making this show such a memorable experience! Psalms 32:8

Valera Noland Mrs. Dodds
This is Valera’s 3rd show at NYT and she is so excited to be a part of this production. She has also been in many musicals at Jefferson Academy and the Presbyterian Church of Broomfield. When she isn’t on stage, Valera loves running, cooking, talking, and trying to be on stage again. She would like to thank God for everything, her friends and family for supporting her on her journey, and her cross country coach and team for helping her to love sports.

Ryah Swan Clarisse
Ryah is a sophomore at Horizon High School and is so excited to be performing in her fourth show at NYT! Her previous shows include Matilda (Big kid), Be More Chill (ensemble)Descendants (ensemble), and Newsies (Race). When not onstage, Ryah enjoys rollerblading, art, Scrabble with her family, and traveling! She would also like to thank Kimberly, Miki, Angila, and the whole NYT team for making this theater such a safe and fun space for everybody involved in these shows, it is truly her happy place!

for ages 8-12

Auditions – May 7-9

Sign-up Start – Now!

Callbacks – May 11

Performances – Jun 28-30

James and the Giant Peach Jr.
Auditions – Jul 23-25

Sign-up Start – Jun 11

Callbacks – Jul 27

Performances – Sep 27-29

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother’s Spell
Auditions – Oct 28-Nov 1

Sign-up Start – Sep 16

Callbacks – Nov 2

Performances – Jan 24 – Feb 2

for ages 12-18

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Auditions – May 13-17

Sign-up Start – Apr 2

Callbacks – May 18

Performances – Aug 2-4

Sister Act
Auditions – Aug 19-21

Sign-up Start – Jul 8

Callbacks – Aug 24

Performances – Nov 15-24

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
Auditions – Oct 28 – Nov 1

Sign-up Start – Sep 16

Callbacks – Nov 2

Performances – Jan 24 – Feb 2

Something Rotten

Auditions – Feb 4 – 6

Sign-up Start – Dec 24

Callbacks – Feb 8

Performances – Apr 25 – May 4


Cora Weber Silena
Cora is thrilled to be back for her fourth show with NYT! Some of her favorite roles in the past include Snow White in Game of Tiaras and Elmer in Newsies. Cora loves being a part of student government at Legacy High school. Additionally, she just finished performing as Annie in Chicago at Legacy. She is so grateful for her friends and everyone who has made this amazing show possible!

Elsie Rabus Katie
Elsie is delighted to be back at NYT for her fourth production! Her favorite past shows include Newsies, Seussical, and Into the Woods. Elsie is a 10th grade homeschooler who loves reading and spending money she doesn’t have on random things she doesn’t need. She would like to thank the unbelievably talented cast and crew for all their hard work. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Luke Paulson Mr. D
Luke is so excited to be a part of this production. This is only his second show at NYT but he has been on the stage for years. Some of his favorite shows have included Aladdin, Wizard of Oz, and most recently, NYT’s production of Newsies. Luke is currently a senior at Summit Academy and he is intending to attend CU Boulder in the fall. Now sit back and relax and enjoy this production of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief!

Tryston Romero Gabe
Tryston is thrilled to be part of The Lightning Thief. This marks Tryston’s first production with NYT, having previously appeared in productions like The Wizard of Oz as the munchkin mayor and in Footloose as Reverend Moore in high school theatre productions. Apart from acting, he enjoys Writing and trips to the theatre. Tryston extends gratitude to his family for their unwavering support and to the entire cast and crew for an incredible experience!

Drew McFadden Poseidon
Drew is delighted to be in his first performance at NYT, But he’s not new to theatre. He has been in performances such as Footloose at the Summit Academy and The Lighting Thief at Backstory Theatre. Drew is a freshman at Summit Academy and is a part of their theatre department and choir. Drew likes to play piano and learn geography in his free time. Drew would like to extend his thanks to his family for supporting him on his journey!

Evie Fueato Aunty Em
Evie is so excited for her first performance with Northglenn Youth Theater! She has had a lifelong passion of music and theater and has been in various plays and musicals throughout her life including Annie, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anything Goes, The Sound of Music, and many others. Evie is a senior at Legacy High School where she is a member of the jazz choir and will be going to University of Northern Colorado after she graduates! Evie would like to thank all of her amazing friends and family for their continuous love and support for her and her passions.

Gabe Richardson Oracle/Hades
Gabe is so excited to be back for his fifth show at NYT. Previous credits include Spring Awakening (Moritz), Evil Dead: The Musical (Ash Williams), Bare: A Pop Opera (Peter Simmonds) and Disney’s Newsies with NYT as Jack Kelly. He’ll be one of 16 students from across the nation chosen to major in Musical Theatre Performance at The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts this fall, and couldn’t be more excited to be pursuing this art form. He thanks his family for supporting his dreams and hopes you enjoy the show!

Aliyah Ehlis Charon
Aliyah is a 17 year old senior and is thrilled to be performing in her last NYT show. She looks forward to attending IAMT for Musical Theater in the fall.Previous NYT roles include Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda, Sour Kangaroo in Seussical, Maleficent in Descendants, and Katherine in Newsies. She is so thankful for the connections she has made and the things she has learned while being a part of this wonderful program. 1 John 3:14

Interested in delving deeper into the gods of Mount Olympus? Follow this link to learn more!

Hoshea Ehlis Ares
Hoshea is excited to be back for his third NYT production. His previous roles include Teddy Roosevelt in Newsies and the Royal Guard in Descendants. Hoshea is 15 years old, and in his spare time he enjoys playing basketball. He is so grateful to be a part of this epic production, and he hopes you enjoy the show. Proverbs 13:20

Dylan Le US Percy/Ensemble
Dylan is super excited to be back at NYT for his sixth show! Previously, he has been seen in Disney’s Descendants (Jay U/S), Seussical (Wickersham/Cadet), and most recently, Newsies (Albert). Dylan is a currently a freshman at Horizon High School and in his free time, he likes to play video games and hang out with his friends. He would like to thank his two closest friends, Taylor and Cora, for always supporting him and lifting him up, even when he is feeling down.

Kylie Bowdey US Annabeth/Ensemble
This is Kylie’s 6th show here at NYT some including Winnie the Pooh Kids as Winnie and Newsies as ensemble. Kylie attends Denver School of the Arts as a Vocal major in 8th grade. She’s always had a big passion for performing and she’s sostoked to be apart of this production. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Cailyn Rey US Grover/Ensemble
Cailyn is excited for their 7th NYT show and 13th show all together! Cailyn is a junior at MESA highschool, where they are in the theater program, a part of NHS and Mapleton Choir. Some of Cailyn favorite roles include She Kills Monsters(Agnes), Newsies (Snyder), Servant of 2 Masters (Beatrice), and Descendants(Carlos Understudy). When not on stage, Cailyn is hanging with their friends, at the gym, listening and humming a song, and always staying busy! They would like to thank the amazing cast and crew, and all the people who supported their journeys!

Annie Erwin Greek Chorus
Annie is thrilled to be back at NYT for her second show. Annie has been in Matilda as Lavender here at NYT and other shows such as Mary Poppins Jr. , The Lion King Jr. , High School Musical Jr., A Christmas Carol, Annie Jr., and others. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends and family.

Audrey Lee Greek Chorus
This is Audrey’s first show at NYT but she has been performing in Musical Theater for over 10 years. Some of her favorite roles were Ariel in Footloose, Jane Banks in Mary Poppins, and Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods.Audrey is a senior in high school and will be attending college next fall to get her BSN degree in nursing. She would like to thank her family, friends, and directors for all their support in her acting and singing career.

Miriam Milburn Greek Chorus
Miriam is excited to be participating in her 1st NYT production and the 10th production she’s been a part of. When she’s not in school as a sophomore, she enjoys reading, writing and singing along to her favorite musicals. Which ncludes Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief… but Les Miserables will always reign in her heart.

Ruby Breheny Greek Chorus
Ruby goes to Summit Academy and also takes Front Range classes. She has previously been Jasmine in Aladdin, Rusty in Footloose, and Truffaldino in The Servant of Two Masters. When she’s not performing,you can find her playing piano or guitar, or trying to find ways to make money so she can pay for gas. She would like to thank all the people who have coached her and helped her grow as a performer.

Simone Ketelsen Greek Chorus
Simone is so excited to be a part of The Lightning Thief! This is her 3rd production at NYT. She has recently been in NYT’s Seussical and Newsies! Simone is a freshman at Horizon High School where she enjoys doing theatre with her friends. Simone would like to thank the directors at NYT for giving her this opportunity and her family. This is for you Bubs!

Sophia Kafer Greek Chorus
Sophia is thrilled to be a part of her 3rd production at NYT. Previously she participated in Honk Jr. as ensemble and dance captain. She is in 7th grade at ASCEND homeschool Co-op, where she just performed in Generation Pan. Serving on theworship team at her homeschool co-op, playing volleyball, diamond art, and crocheting are a few of her favorite activities . Sophia would like to thank Aliyah Ehlis, Luke Paulson, and her best friends Anya Pyle Rachel Crosby for encouraging and guiding her through her theater journey. Deuteronomy 31:6


Vienna Frey Greek Chorus
Vienna is delighted to be in her 9th production at NYT! She is an 8th grader at Denver School of the Arts. Previous shows at NYT include Newsies (Darcy), Descendants(Jane), Matilda (Hortensia), and Frozen Jr. (Elsa).When Vienna is not performing she is playing ukulele or traveling with her family. Vienna would like to thank her family for driving her to and from rehearsals and for always believing in her. She would also like to thank the incredible NYT staff for all they do.

Lilly Sergeeff Greek Chorus/Ensemble
Lilly is very excited to be in her 9th show at NYT and to have the opportunity to work with this cast. Lilly is a freshman at Horizon High School, where she is part of the Thespian Society. Some of her favorite roles throughout the years include,Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka, Wickersham in Seussical, Dwarf1 in Game of Tiaras, Sideburns Lady in Wedding Singer, and Bielke in Fiddler on the Roof. She would like to thank her parents, the Green’s, Kimberly, and Bob Hoppe for being awesome. Enjoy the show! Joshua 1:9

Ayi Rico Thalia/Ensemble
Ayi Rico, age 16, is happy to act in their first NYT show! They attend Legacy High School and has recently played a Murderess in the musical, Chicago. They would like to thank their amazing family for all their support, and their friends at Legacy High School.

Eleanor Savage Ensemble
Eleanor is excited to be back at NYT for another production! Eleanor is a 10th grader at Riverdale Ridge High School where she is involved in their theatre program and in select treble choir. When not performing you can find her involved in Scouts BSA where she is an Eagle Scout. She would like to thank her family for always supporting her love of always doing things and for always being there.

Evie Sickbert Ensemble
Evie is very excited to be a part of the Lighting Thief. She is in 8th grade at Rocky Top Middle School. You may have seen her as Narrator 1 in Game of Tiaras and she has also been in James and the Giant Peach and Connie in A Chorus Line.Evie would like to thank her parents for helping her along the way and the incredible crew working on the show, they make her day whenever she comes into rehearsal.

Layla Stark Ensemble
Layla Stark is an aspiring 14-year-old actress who will be starting her freshman year at Legacy High School in the fall. Her NYT performances include: Willy Wonka Jr., Servant of Two Masters, Alice in Wonderland Jr., and Game ofTiaras; she has also done tech for NYT’s Descendants. She loves reading, writing, cats, and is very excited to be in one of her favorite musicals. She would like to thank her mom and dad for always being supportive.

Lucienne Pierce Ensemble
Lucienne is overjoyed & grateful to be in The Lightning Thief! She has played Evie in Descendants and lead guitar and singer in two bands. Lucienne has been dancing and performing since she was 5. This is her first time at NYT & she’s so excited! Lucienne would like to thank her family, her fellow cast members and the entire team at NYT for making this possible and for allowing her to be a part of this experience. Always remember that the things that make you different are the things that make you strong!

Max Morley Ensemble
Max is excited to be back at NYT for his 2nd production! He performed as Crutchie in Newsies. He is a freshman at Stargate where he participates in the speech and debate club. He loves to bike around the town and to read. He would like to thank his mom and sister for being supportive of him, and and his friends for being encouraging the whole time. He would also like to thank the cast for being the awesome group to perform with that they are.

Rohan Newman Ensemble
This is Rohan’s 3rd production at NYT. Previous shows include Disney’s Descendants and Game of Tiaras. Rohan is an 8th grader at Stargate Charter school and proud member of NJHS. When he isn’t performing, Rohan is most likely watching a scary movie, sleepingover at a friend’s house, shopping, drawing, or snowboarding. Rohan gives his utmost appreciation to his family and friends who have supported him and his dreams. He feels lucky to work with such a talented, and energetic cast.

Kyrie Wills Ensemble
This is Kyrie’s 2nd NYT production and 9th musical. She is grateful to be a part of this amazing show, with such creative directors, and a fun and vibrant cast! Kyrie is a junior in High school, and when she isn’t doing theater, she’s writing, thriftingor reading. She would like to thank her parents for pouring so much time and energy into the things she loves, and always being so supportive.

Sophie Whalen Ensemble
This is Sophie’s 1st year with NYT and she’s so excited to be part of this cast! Since the age of 3 Sophie has loved the magic of the theater. She has been in a number of shows that include Lion King, Music Man,Moana, and Matilda. Sophie is a 7th grader at FoundationsAcademy. She enjoys playing volleyball, camping, and singing in church. Sophie wants to thank her family for always supporting her acting and her best friends who have been with her through it all. You can find her either singing in her room or playing her guitar.

Taylor McEwen Ensemble
Taylor is ecstatic to be back for her 6th show at NYT! Her most previous shows are Mean Girls Jr. (Gretchen), Game of Tiaras (Ensemble), and teching for multiple shows here at NYT (Madagascar Jr. and Newsies). Taylor is a 8th grader at Quist Middle School and an upcoming Freshman at Horizon! When not on stage you can find Taylor reading a book or playing with her cats! She would like to thank her bestfriends Chandler and Dylan for always being there to support here and her teacher Mrs.Marksberner for challenging her everyday!

Wren Gray Ensemble
Wren is a Percy Jackson enthusiast and is over the moon to be a part of this production; their first at NYT. Previous shows include Mary Poppins (understudy Jane Banks) and several Missoula Theatre shows. They are a junior in highschool and attend Front Range Community College. Wren is also a member of the Colorado Repertory Singers choir. When not onstage, you can find them drawing, playing guitar, and rereading their favorite books. They would like to thank their amazing family and friends for their support (and tolerance of Wren’s constant Percy Jackson ramblings).

Kensey Lane Ensemble
Kensey is excited to be part of her first NYT production. She has previously enjoyed her roles in the Missoula Children’s Theater shows, Little Mermaid and Treasure Island and school productions. Kensey is a freshman at the STEAD school and loves her choir and drama classes. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, singing, studying Scottish Gaelic, and hanging out with her friends. Kensey hopes to do more NYT productions in the future and would like to thank her family and friends for their constant love and support.

Clayton Dains Ensemble
Clayton is thrilled to be part of his first NYT production! Clayton is a 13 year-old who attends 7th grade at Woodrow Wilson Academy and loves singing, dancing, and music in general. When he is not doing any of these amazing things, he isroller blading or shooting at the archery range. He would like to thank his dad, Erik, and his mom, Denine for supporting him with his ideas for being in theater and for giving him constant advice and assistance, as well as working with an amazing cast for being a fantastic group to work with!

Northglenn Youth Theatre 30th Anniversary Gala – November 23
Join us for an unforgettable evening, where we’re not just celebrating 30 incredible years of youth theatre productions, but also championing a cause close to our hearts: making youth theatre accessible to all. Your attendance and support will contribute to the new NYT Scholarship Endowment, ensuring that everyone who dreams of participating in the magic of theatre can do so, regardless of their circumstances. Come dine, mingle, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of aspiring young actors on November 23.