Disney Newsies – The Broadway Musical

A NYT Production

Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI)


Photography, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


Jack Kelly Gabe Richardson

Davey Jack Lindstrom

Les Ashton Black

Katherine Plumber Aliyah Ehlis

Joseph Pulitzer Luke Paulson

Mayor/Mr. Jacobi/Wiesel Geoffrey Boden

Oscar Delancey Adan Swim

Morris Delancey Duncan Jones

Medda Larkin Lasangika Sukumaran

Spot Conlon Loki Swan

Crutchie Max Morley

Henry Alton Peacey

Albert Dylan Le

Romeo Adam Hill

Mush Zoe Hurd

Specs MJ Hemschoot

Finch Lia Morley

Tommy Boy Elsie Rabus

Elmer Cora Weber

Buttons Ruby Breheny

Snyder Cailyn Rey

Mike Aksel Gangji

Race Ryah Swan

Ike Taryn Hermosillo

JoJo Simone Ketelsen

Splasher Zoe Harrison

Darcy/Newsie Vienna Frey

Bill/Newsie JJ Witmer


Kathryn “Ohio” Palmer

Zoe LangrafKylie Bowdey

Ivanna Morera

Lola Hensel

Rylee Puttroff

Hoshea Ehlis


Director   Jesse Collett

Musical Director Mikaela Schindler

Stage Manager   Veronica Legler

Choreographer   Angila Waldman

Set Designer Lindsay Maiorano

Lighting Designer Naomie Winch 

Sound Designer Jesse Collett

Props Manager  Elizabeth Earls

Production Asst Elizabeth Clement

Technical Crew

Brycen Crosgrove

Khloe D’Auray

Miles Duke

Grace Dunn

Tommy Feijoo

Shawn Jessup

Payton Larson

Taylor McEwen

Lucas Medina

Charlotte Nickerson


Rain Faber

Cade Schindler

Evie Sickbert

Paige Valdez

Evan Varmo

Lincoln Witham

Maverick Witham


Executive Producer Michael Stricker

Artistic Producer   Patrick Berger

NYT Program Director    Kimberly Jongejan

Technical Director   Daniel Mori

Assistant Technical Director   Wren Tran Ryder

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing Coordinator   Terra Mueller

Box Office

Violet Mitchell

Zahra Murad

Tessa Maceda


We’re thrilled to present “Newsies,” a production embodying the themes of resilience, unity, and justice. It’s not just a performance, but a reflection of contemporary struggles and victories. Our characters’ fight for their rights parallels real-world battles, much like recent strikes across our country with auto workers, actors, and writers.

This production is a testament to our dedicated cast who worked so hard to share this story. Thank you to Veronica Legler, Mikaela Schindler, and Angila Waldman for their efforts throughout this process. Thank you to all of the designers and technicians who channeled their creativity and energy into this show. Our heartfelt thanks to Patrick and Kimberly for entrusting us with this production.

As we take the stage, remember that your uniqueness can make a difference. Our stories, like those in newspapers, are being written and documented in real-time. Team: remember you are awesome and you deserve to know. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey and supporting the arts. Together, we can achieve anything.

Jesse Collett (he/him) is a lifelong theatre enthusiast, holding a bachelors in musical theatre and another in theatre education from the UNC and a recent masters in directing from Roosevelt University. With a passion for storytelling, Jesse has directed various productions and served as the director of the Catwalk Theatre Company from 2015-2020. His diverse directing credits include “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”, “Shrek the Musical”, “The Louder We Get” and more. Beyond the stage, Jesse is an avid volunteer and spends time with home improvement and yardwork. He enjoys video games, reading, and the occasional adventure with his wife, Gina, and dog, Sulley. As the Theatre Coordinator for Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado, he is dedicated to promoting theatre arts in education and creating safe and brave spaces for students to grow. Jesse’s mantra is to “fail forward, embrace vulnerability, and breathe,” as he believes in the power of theatre to spark conversations, express emotions, and share stories.

SCENES & Musical Numbers

SCENE ONE – Rooftop Dawn

“Santa Fe”                        Jack, Crutchie

SCENE TWO – Newsboys’ Lodging House & Newsies Square

“Carrying the Banner”                   Jack, Newsies, Nuns

SCENE THREE – Pulitzer’s Office – Afternoon

“The Bottom Line”                    Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen, Hannah

“Carrying the Banner (Reprise)”              Newsies

SCENE FOUR – A Street Corner

SCENE FIVE – Medda’s Theater

“That’s Rich”     Medda

“I Never Planned on You/Jack, Bowery Beauties

Don’t Come a-Knocking” 

SCENE SIX – Newsies Square, Next Morning

“The World Will Know”     Jack, Davey, Les, Crutchie, Newsies

SCENE SEVEN – Jacobi’s Deli & Street, Afternoon

“The World Will Know (Reprise)” Jack, Davey, Les,Newsies
“Watch What Happens” Katherine

SCENE EIGHT – Katherine’s Office

“Watch What Happens (con’t)” Katherine

SCENE NINE – Newsies Square, Next Morning

“Seize the Day” Davey, Jack, Les, Newsies

SCENE TEN – Rooftop

“Sante Fe” Jack


SCENE ELEVEN – Jacobi’s Dell, The Next Morning

“King of New York” Davey, Katherine, Les, Newsies


“Letter from The Refuge” Crutchie

SCENE THIRTEEN – Medda’s Theater

“Watch What Happens
(Reprise)” Davey, Jack, Katherine, Les

SCENE FOURTEEN – Pulitzer’s Office & Cellar, Afternoon

“The Bottom Line (Reprise)” Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen

“Brooklyn’s Here” Spot, Newsies

SCENE FIFTEEN – Brooklyn Bridge & Medda’s Theater

“Brooklyn’s Here (cont’d)” Spot, Newsies

SCENE SIXTEEN – Rooftop, Night

“Something to Believe In” Katherine, Jack

SCENE SEVENTEEN – Pulitzer’s Cellar

“Seize the Day (Reprise)” Newsies “Once and for All ” Jack, Davey, Katherine, Newsies

SCENE EIGHTEEN – Pulitzer’s Office, Next Morning

“Seize the Day (Reprise 2)” Newsies

“Once and for All ” Jack, Davey, Katherine, Newsies

SCENE NINETEEN – Newsies Square

“Finale Ultimo” Company


Gabe Richardson

Jack Kelly

Gabe is thrilled to be back for his fourth NYT show. He finished up playing Ben in “Disneys Descendants” with the company this past spring before heading off to Stagedoor Manor to be a part of “Bare:A Pop Opera” as Peter Simmonds, and “Evil Dead: The Musical” as Ash Williams. He plans to go to college to pursue a BFA in musical theater after he graduates. He’d like to thank this incredible team for putting on such an amazing show, as well as his friends and family for the endless love and support.

Jack Lindstrom


Jack is very excited to be in another NYT production. He is an Advanced Theatre Major at Denver School of the arts. NYT credits include: “Descendants” (Assistant Director), “Matilda” (Escapologist), “The Great Gatsby” (Nick Carraway), “Puffs” (Harry), and “The Little Mermaid” (Scuttle). Other Credits Include: “Disco Pigs” (Pig), “A Chorus Line” (Mike), “Indecent” (Associate Producer),  “Marcus Is Walking” (Michael/Henry), and currently “The Bacchae” (Tiresias/Dionysus US/Cadmus US). He is very grateful for the cast and crew for making this production possible. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Ashton Black


“Newsies” is Ashton’s first NYT production and is honored to participate. Previous shows include “Shrek the Musical”, “Pirates of Penzance”, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, “Finding Neverland”, and “The Sound of Music”. Ashton is 14 yrs old and attends Prospect Ridge Academy. He loves to mountain bike, play video games, build inventions, do photography/videography, and spend time with his family and dogs. Ashton has been on stage since the age of 4 and loves every minute of it. He would like to thank his parents for helping him with the musical.

Aliyah Ehlis

Katherine Plumber

Aliyah Ehlis is a 17 year old senior and is thrilled to be a part of “Newsies.” She was most recently seen as Maleficent in “Descendants” and Cady in “Mean Girls.” While she is not performing, she enjoys writing music, baking, and teaching her musical theater students. She would like to thank her family for being so supportive of her dreams. Sit back, relax, and just “Watch What Happens.” Isaiah 40:8

Luke Paulson

Joseph Pulitzer  

Luke is new to NYT but not new to the stage. His past shows include playing Jafar in “Aladdin”, The Cowardly Lion in “Wizard of Oz”, and Rapunzel’s Prince in “Into the Woods”. He is a student at The Summit Academy and is participating in the theater program there as well as The National Honor Society. Thank you for supporting him and his castmates.

Geoffrey Boden

Mayor/Mr. Jacobi/Wiesel

Geoffrey is thrilled to be in his 6th show at NYT! These include “Doctor Doolittle”, “Mary Poppins”, “All Together Now”, “Seussical”, and most recently, in the spring, “Descendants”. Geoffrey is a sophomore at Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, where he is currently taking part in concurrent enrollment for both high school and college classes. Geoffrey also plays piano, and can often be found playing in competitions around the area. He would like to thank God and his family for allowing him to participate in such an awesome experience! 

Adan Swim

Oscar Delancey

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Adan would like to welcome you to “Newsies the Musical”. This is Adan’s 6th performance with NYT. Previous performances include “Junie B.Jones”, “Biggety Bad”, and “Frozen”. Other performances include “Little Mermaid” (DSA). Adan is in 8th grade at Denver School of the Arts, and is a huge sports fan. Hockey, football, baseball…he’ll talk your ear off about any of these. Adan would like to thank his mom as well as his family. He is very grateful for the people that got him where he is now.

Duncan Jones

Morris Delancey

Duncan is a 14 year-old who attends 8th grade at Prairie View Middle School. He is very excited to be a part of his 8th production at NYT. His favorite shows include “Game of Tiaras”, “Willy Wonka Jr.”, “Descendants: The Musical”, and “The Worst Play In The History of Ever”. He would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him throughout this process. He would also like to thank all of the directors and production crew for giving him this opportunity to be part of such a fun show!

Lia Morley


Olivia is a senior at The Summit Academy where she takes musical theater and performed: “Into the Woods”, “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast” and most recently “The Wizard of Oz” where she played The Wicked Witch of the West. She’d like to thank her mom and dad for being so supportive, her siblings, and friends who have always been there for her. She couldn’t have made it here without you.

Lasangika Sukumaran

Medda Larkin

Lasangika as a senior in Horizon, is ecstatic to kick off her last year in NYT with “Newsies”! You might have seen her most recently as Miss Honey in “Matilda”, Leanne in “Puffs” or just being unauthentically herself. When not on stage, you can find Lasangika as a  Barathanatyam dancer, DECA officer, or a nerdy history fanatic. Lasangika would like to thank her appa and amma, for constantly encouraging the growth of her passion and always pushing her to do her best.  She also wants her audience to prepare for an unforgettable show by an amazing cast and crew.  

Loki Swan

Spot Conlon

Loki is excited to be back at NYT for their second show, in the role of Spot Conlon.

In the past you may have seen them in roles such as Jay in “Disney’s Descendants”, and Orin in “Little Shop Of Horrors”. When they are not on stage they can be seen training to become an Emergency Medical Technician at Bollman Tech. and catching up on their sleep. They would like to thank their family and friends for all of the support that they have provided them, in and out of theater.

Max Morley


Max is so excited to be joining NYT for his first musical ever. He is a freshman at Stargate, where he plays on the school soccer team and in the orchestra. When not on stage,  you can find him reading or biking around town. He would like to thank his mom for supporting him with theater and his sister for her constant advice and assistance, as well as the amazing cast for being such a great group to work with!

Alton Peacey


Alton is excited to be participating in his second musical at NYT! He has previously performed as Carlos in NYT’s production of “Descendants”, as well as Gomez and Lord Farquaad in his school’s productions of “The Addams Family” and “Shrek”. Alton is a junior at Jefferson Academy where he attends other activities like cross country, volleyball, National Honors Society, and Tri-M Honors Society. Alton is thrilled to share this years performance of Newsies with you!

Elsie Rabus

Tommy Boy

Elsie is thrilled to be back on the stage for “Newsies”! This is her 3rd NYT show after recently performing in “Descendants” and “Seussical”. She has also performed in other shows including “Into the Woods”, “Pirates of Penzance”, and “Matilda”. Elsie is a 10th grade homeschooler who enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. She would like to thank the incredible cast and crew for all their hard work. Enjoy the show! 

Cora Weber


Cora is thrilled to be back for her third show with NYT! Previously, she played Snow White in “Game of Tiaras” and performed in the ensemble in “Descendants”. Cora is 15 years old and a freshman at Legacy High School. She is also part of student government. In addition to theatre, Cora enjoys art and listening to music! She is so grateful for her friends and everyone who has made this amazing show possible!

Ruby Breheny


Ruby Breheny is excited to be back for another NYT production. She has previously been seen in “Suessical The Musical” as a Bird Girl, and “The Servant of Two Masters” as Truffaldino. She has been attending the Summit Academy for 10 years, and she is currently the Vice President of Summit’s National Honor Society. Ruby loves all things music, whether it’s singing, playing piano or guitar, or dancing, and she has been performing since she was young. She is so thankful for this opportunity to be in Newsies, and she hopes you enjoy the show! 

Cailyn Rey


Cailyn is so thrilled to have their 7th NYT show be “Newsies”! Cailyn has been in 9 previous productions, with their favorites being “Servant of Two Masters” (Beatrice), “12 Angry Jurors” (Juror 8), “Clue” (Wadsworth),”Matilda”(Big kid #5) and “Descendants” (Carlos understudy) Cailyn is 16 (17 in a few weeks!) and currently a junior at MESA, where they are a part of the Mapleton choir and Drama program! When not on stage, you can find Cailyn singing, going to the gym, or being silly with their pals! Cailyn would like to thank their family, friends, and cast for making and supporting a fantastic show!

Aksel Gangji


Aksel is so excited to be a part of “Newsies” and this is Aksel’s sixth at NYT. Most recently he appeared in “The Enchanted Bookshop” and “Willy Wonka Jr.” He is currently in 7th grade at Rocky Top Middle School and is a member of NJHS. You may find him swimming with the Fusion Swim Team or watching musicals. Aksel would like to thank his family for giving him a “gentle” push into the theater world. He would also like to thank his directors and cast for everything.

Ryah Swan


Ryah Swan is so excited to be playing her first main role at NYT! She enjoys art, rollerblading, and baking. She is a 10th grader at Horizon High school, and ever since she began theater she has cherished her time spent in the theater, making amazing friends along the way. She would like to thank all of the NYT directors for making the shows as incredible as they always are! Previous shows she has been in include “Descendants”, “Be More Chill”, and “Matilda”.

Taryn Hermosillo


Taryn is excited to be starting her theater career at NYT with Newsies!  Taryn is a freshman at Horizon High School where she is a first soprano in the Advanced Women’s Choir.  When Taryn is not on stage or dancing in competitions, she enjoys reading, playing piano, creating art, going to Broadway shows and travelling.  Taryn would like to thank her mother for being so supportive with everything she does!

Simone Ketelsen


Simone is so excited to be apart of “Newsies”! This is her 2nd production at NYT. She has also been in NYT’s “Seussical”! Simone is a freshman at Horizon High School where she enjoys doing theatre with her friends.  Simone would like to thank the directors at NYT  for giving her this opportunity, her family, and Chas for helping her and supporting her through acting. She especially wants to thank Bub for everything, and for leading her through the journey of acting. This is for you Bubs!

Zoe Harrison


Zoe is thrilled to be taking part in her eleventh production with NYT. Recent credits with NYT include “Game of Tiaras” as Cinderella, “Descendants” as the Evil Queen, and “Seussical” as Mrs. Mayor. Outside credits include “The Theory of Relativity” as Julie and “Be More Chill” as Scary Stockboy. Zoe is in her senior year at Denver School of the Arts. She would like to thank her dad for supporting her and the Northglenn Youth Theater program for fueling her love of the arts.

Vienna Frey


Vienna is excited to be part her 8th show with NYT. Previous shows include “Junie B. Jones” (Junie), “Biggity Bad and the Three Pigs” (Higity), “Frozen Jr” (Elsa), “Matilda “(Hortensia), “Little Mermaid” (Red Fish), and “Descendants” (Jane). Currently an 8th grader at Denver School of the Arts, Vienna is passionate about dance, acting classes, and everything Taylor Swift. Vienna would like to thank you her parents for supporting her theater journey and the NYT staff for this wonderful opportunity!

JJ Witmer


JJ is 13 and excited to be back for his 9th production with NYT.  JJ will hit his 75th stage performance on opening day of “Newsies”. A few of his favorite roles include JoJo “Seussical”, Kristoff “Frozen” and Tiny Tim “The Christmas Carol”.  When JJ is not on stage he’s busy playing competitive baseball and tennis, and works on all things stage and film related.  He wants to thank Jesse for the opportunity to do what he loves and to the cast and crew for their wisdom and encouragement. If you can cheer louder than his biggest supporters, his parents, he challenges you to do it. 

Kathryn “Ohio”Palmer


Kathryn is very happy to be participating in her 5th NYT show! Though most of Kathryn’s free time is taken up selling newspapers and subsequently remembering that very few people are currently in the market for newspapers, she’s found herself participating in theatrical productions as well. Her past shows include “An Avalanche of Murder” (Mary Hopkins), “Footloose the Musical” (Cowboy Dixie), “Seussical the Musical” (Bird Girl), “Matilda the Musical” (Big Kid #4), and many other “song plays” as they call them. Kathryn would like to thank her family for being so supportive of her!

Zoe Langraf


Newsies is one of Zoe’s favorite musicals, and she is honored that it could be her first NYT production.  She has been a part of the musicals “Hello Dolly”, “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid” at Faith Christian High School, as well as two productions with Colorado ACTS. She is in 8th grade, and is currently doing a homeschool hybrid with Faith Christian Middle School where she participates in choir, worship team and basketball.  Zoe would like to thank her Mom and Dad for their encouragement and the cast and crew for being so welcoming.

Lola Hensel


Lola is so excited to be in this year’s production of “Newsies”! She has been participating in NYT since the seventh grade. She is a senior at Mountain Range high school and is now applying to college to become a zoologist. Her most favorite roles include Donna Sheridan in “Mamma Mia”, Morticia Addams in “The Addams Family”, and Bird Girl in “Suessical”. She has been so grateful to be part of this production and is so excited for everyone to see this amazing production!

Rylee Puttroff


Rylee is thrilled to be in NYT’s production of “Newsies”! Previous shows with NYT include: “Game of Tiaras”, “Descendants” and “Seussical”. Rylee’s homeschooled as a junior in high school. In her free time, Rylee enjoys singing, training her dogs, sewing, listening to music and hanging out with her friends. Rylee would like to thank her mom, for driving her to rehearsals and the cast, crew and production team, for being so much fun to work with and putting together an amazing show. 

Hoshea Ehlis


Hoshea is very excited to be performing his second show at NYT. Previous performances include “Descendants” as the Royal Guard. He is honored to be in “Newsies” with such an amazing cast. Hoshea is a sophomore at Ascend Homeschool Co-op. In his free time, he enjoys playing drums, hanging out with his friends, and playing football. He would like to thank his family for supporting him, and he hopes you enjoy the show. 2 Timothy 3:16

Kylie Bowdey


Kylie is so excited to be doing her 5th production here at NYT!! She goes to school at Denver School of the Arts (8) and as a vocal major. Kylie loves being on the stage and is ready to learn. She also enjoys dancing, playing piano, and spending time hanging with friends and family. She wants to thank everyone who could see her perform tonight!! 1 Corinthians 16:14

Ivanna Morera


This is Ivanna’s 5th production with NYT! She has done “Descendants”, “The Great Gatsby”, “The Servant of Two Masters”, and “Seussical”. Ivanna is excited that she got the opportunity to participate in this show and hopes that you enjoy the show! 


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