Disney Descendants – The Musical

A NYT Production
Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Photography, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.



So thankful that you’ve chosen to join us today to experience one of Disney’s newest musicals, “Descendants.”  Quite a deviation from the early years of Disney – and, IYKYK that this is a welcome step for the outspoken Disney critic within me.  Don’t get me wrong, even I have a favorite movie, a favorite character, side-kick comic relief, and even song that will cheer me up on those bumpy days.  This musical more than any other quite pointedly addresses the clash that all teens encounter in their growing up – distinguishing and defining themselves on their own and out of the shadow of their parents.  Along that journey it’s also discovering who your friends are, what is good, what is bad, and what that even means.

In our production we also set out to explore the duality of the world of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost.  Much like a coin has two sides, our world really is just the same – one side and then the other.  And, at the same time, it’s a mirrored reflection… but flipped ever so slightly.  The magic of a mirror is to see what’s reflected back at you.  In Auradon, what is on the surface is valued, but there’s some ugly stuff buried beneath – while on the Isle, the struggles are on the surface, and the value is what’s buried beneath.  There’s probably a college thesis in just this study alone!  It was fun and interesting to delve into this with our actors, the production team, and now, hopefully, you all.  

Special thanks to everyone who made this production the beautiful piece that it is.  Thanks to you all for supporting the arts and these talented souls.    “Wherever you stand out the most may be where you’re supposed to be.” – Brandi Carlile

Kimberly Jongejan – Director
Kimberly has been with Northglenn Youth Theatre since 1996, beginning as a stage manager and taking over as the resident director one year later.  Her work with NYT has garnered awards and recognition both locally and nationally, including a CTG Henry Award (Sound of Music) and numerous National Youth Arts awards (Into the Woods (2008 & 2017), Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Catch Me if You Can, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Big Fish, Mary Poppins, Freaky Friday).  She serves on the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition’s board of directors and also as a judge for the Henry’s and the Bobby G award programs. And she would like to encourage everyone who is able to donate blood and plasma – as she celebrates the four-year mark in her cancer journey.  Find joy; it’s there, you just gotta look for it!


Mal Khloe D’Aurary

Evie Georgia Bryan

Jay Rae Swan

Carlos Alton Peacey

Maleficent Aliyah Ehlis

Ben Gabe Richardson

Audrey Lily Walter

Chad Geoffrey Boden

Evil Queen Grimhilde Zoe Harrison

Jafar Fabrizio Milinazzo

Cruella DeVil Syvrina Renault

Fairy Godmother Kaylee Waldman

Jane Vienna Frey

King Beast Jackson Vaughn

Queen Belle Ivanna Morera

Doug Grace Nyquist

Maurice Olivia Lee

Royal Page Duncan Jones

Royal Guard Hoshea Ehlis

Coach Mal Bradley

Snow White DeAnna Van Vleet

Mal – Elsie Rabus
Evie – Lia Morley
Jay – Dylan Le
Carlos – Cailyn Rey
Maleficent – Gabby Edmonds

Isle Ensemble:
Tori Barrett

Zoe Hurd

Cora Weber

Kathryn Palmer

Rohan Newman

Ryah Swan

Dylan Le

Cailyn Rey

Gabby Edmonds

Kai Gunther

Auradonian Chorus:
Elsie Rabus

Lia Morley

Kyrie Wills

Hoshea Ehlis

Geoffrey Boden

DeAnna Van Vleet

Mal Bradley

Vienna Frey

Jayca Douglass

Lydia Allen


Director   Kimberly Jongejan

Musical Director Christina Roberts

Stage Manager   Veronica Legler

Choreographer   Angila Waldman

Costume Manager   Rachel Brazell

Set Designer Brian Watson

Lighting Designer Morgan Ehresman 

Props Manager Scott M. Stark

Production Asst Director Jack Lindstrom

Production Asst – Music    Mya Busch

Technical Crew
Rose Lindstrom

Elizabeth Clement

Layla Stark

Ellory Hepp

Finn Brunson

Lucas Medina

Lincoln Witham

Matthew Boden

Juju Brettillo

Reagan Sanford


Producer   Michael Stricker

Theater Program Manager   Patrick Berger

Theater Coordinator    Kimberly Jongejan

Technical Director   Daniel Mori

Assistant Technical Director   Maddie Morgan

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing Coordinator   Terra Mueller

Box Office

Violet Mitchell

Zahra Murad

Kyle VanDewart


SCENE ONE – Auradon, Belle and Beast’s Castle

“Better Together” –  Ben

SCENE TWO – Isle of the Lost

“Rotten to the Core” – Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Isle Ensemble

“Evil Like Me” – Maleficent, Mal

SCENE THREE – Auradon Prep

“Be Our Guest” – Auradonian Choir

“Good is the New Bad” – Fairy Godmother, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Auradonians

SCENE FOUR – Mal and Evie’s Dorm Room

SCENE FIVE – Museum of Cultural History

“Evil Like Me (Reprise 1)” – Mal

SCENE SIX – Auradon Prep, Classroom

SCENE SEVEN – Isle of the Lost, Maleficent’s Lair

“Rotten to the Core (Parent’s Revenge)”-  Maleficent, Grimhilde, Jafar, Cruella

SCENE EIGHT – Auradon Prep, Tourney Field

“Goal” – Jay, Carlos, Mal, Evie, Ben, Chad, Coach, Ensemble
“Good is the New Bad (Reprise 1)”- Auradonians 1 & 2

SCENE NINE – Mal and Evie’s Dorm Room

“Ways to Be Wicked (Preprise)” – Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos

SCENE TEN – Auradon Prep

“Did I Mention” – Ben, Jay, Carlos, Evie, Auradonians



“Better Together (Prelude 2)” – Ben, Mal

SCENE TWELVE – Mal and Evie’s Dorm Room

“Space Between” – Mal, Evie

“Chillin’ Like a Villain (Part 1)” – Evie, Jay Carlos

SCENE THIRTEEN – Isle of the Lost

“Chillin’ Like a Villain (Part 2)” – Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ben, Isle Ensemble


“Good is the New Bad (Reprise 2)” – Auradonians

SCENE FIFTEEN – Mal’s Hideout

“If Only” – Mal, Ben

SCENE SIXTEEN – Castle Courtyard

“Ways to Be Wicked” – Audrey, Chad, Evils, Ben, Auradonians, Evil Parent

SCENE SEVENTEEN –The Coronation Ceremony

“Go the Distance” – Auradonians
“Evil Like Me (Reprise 2)” – Maleficent
“Better Together” – Company
“Break This Down” (Bows) – Company


Khloe D’Auray – Mal – Khloe is beyond excited to be making her NYT debut as Mal in Disney’s Descendants! She is a 7th grade theatre major at Denver School of the Arts. Her previous shows include The Little Mermaid, Be More Chill, Annie, and more. She would like to thank her family for the rides to rehearsals, her friends for helping her through all of the crazy emotions she’s felt the past few months, her teachers for dealing with her constant high-energy personality, and the cast for being absolutely flawless!!

Georgia Bryan – Evie – Georgia is excited to be in her first production at NYT. She is a 7th grader at Denver School of the Arts majoring in Vocal Music. Previously, she has performed with The Curtain Playhouse and spends her summers at Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp where she studies musical theatre and dance. Off-stage, Georgia loves playing piano and guitar and studies Muay Thai kickboxing. She is very grateful to be in Descendants and would like to thank the cast for being so awesome to work with, and her brother, Bo, for putting up with all her loud singing.

Rae Swan – Jay – Rae is so excited to be making their debut at NYT in the role of Jay. This is Rae’s 5th year being involved in theater. In the past they have performed as the Dentist in Little Shop Of Horrors, Jonathan in Arsenic and Old Lace, and Alice in You Can’t Take It With You, all at Stargate High School Theater. When Rae is not on the stage you can catch them Skating, Skiing, and going to the gym with their close friends. Rae would like to thank their friends and family for being so supportive of their hobbies, and their voice coach Shauna Marble for all of her help! 

Alton Peacey – Carlos – Alton is thrilled to be participating in his first show for NYT! In his past, he has performed in Shrek as Lord Farquaad, and as Gomez in The Addams Family. Alton is a Sophomore at Jefferson Academy Secondary, where he is a member of numerous clubs and participates in many other extracurriculars outside of theater. His favorite things to do outside of theater is to play violin and volleyball. He absolutely loves the cast and crew for this show and hopes to come back for more!

Aliyah Ehlis – Maleficent – Aliyah is overjoyed to be in her 3rd NYT production. She was previously seen as Mrs. Wormwood in “Matilda” and The Sour Kangaroo in “Seussical the Musical”. She is currently a Junior at Ascend Homeschool Co-op. In her free time she enjoys writing music, baking, and putting time into her vocal academy, where she loves teaching her students and sharing her knowledge of theater. She feels so blessed to be a part of this incredible cast and would like to thank her amazing family for supporting her through all her endeavors! 1 Corinthians 13:6  

Gabe Richardson – Ben – Gabe is so excited to be back for a third time with NYT. He is currently a junior at Mountain Range High School and continues to participate in their theatre program as well as NYT. Some previous credits include Mamma Mia (Sam Carmichael), Seussical (Horton), and  Rock of Ages (Dennis Dupree). He’d like to thank his incredible group of supporting family and friends, and knows he wouldn’t be here without their support. He is so grateful to be a part of a group with such hardworking and optimistic performers and he hopes that you enjoy the show!

Lily Walter – Audrey-  Lily is excited to be in her very first NYT show! Lily is a senior and has been doing shows at Legacy High School for the past four years which includes her favorite role, Sibella, in a Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Lily has been in choir all of high school and recently attended All State Choir back in February. She planning on majoring in psychology at CU Boulder and wants to continue theater during college. Lily thanks her parents, Annalise, and Breckin for constant encouragement and reassurance to keep pursuing what she loves.

Geoffrey Boden – Chad, Auradonian Chorus – Geoffrey is thrilled to be in his 5th production at NYT. Past NYT productions include Doctor Dolittle, Mary Poppins, All Together Now, and Seussical, which was just performed in winter of last year. He is in his freshman year of online homeschool at Destinations Career Academy of Colorado. His hobbies include reading, being outside, and hanging out with friends (or animals!). He would like to thank God, his family, and the cast for encouraging him to partake in this show. He hopes you enjoy!

Zoe Harrison – Evil Queen Grimhilde – Zoe is thrilled to take part in her 9th production with NYT! Past shows include “Seussical” as Mrs. Mayor, “The Great Gatsby” as Catherine, and “Clue” and The Motorist. She is in her junior year at Denver School of the Arts. She would like to thank her fellow evil parents for being a wonderful group to work with. 

Fabrizio Milinazzo – Jafar – Fabrizio is excited to be Jafar at NYT for his last show to conclude his senior year of high school. Fabrizio has decided to pursue his passion for theater past high school. He has been in multiple shows at NYT and Horizon High school; ( Freaky Friday, Matilda, and Anastasia to name a few. However his greatest achievement is that he is going to be in a movie called #Ghostguys on Amazon Prime Video! He would like to thank his parents for always supporting his venture into the acting world, and as for the people here at NYT thank you for the amazing opportunities you have given me.

Syvrina Renault – Cruella DeVil – Syvrina is delighted to be part of her 7th NYT production! She has performed in Peter Pan, Mary Popppins, The Little Mermaid, Seussical, Matilda, and loved them all. Her favorite role yet has been Vi in Footloose at Legacy High School, where she is currently the social media officer for the Thespian club. In addition to theater, Syvrina enjoys music. She plays the flute and piano, and is in a Jazz choir at LHS. She also performed with the Colorado All-State Choir this year. Syvrina would like to thank her family for always being encouraging throughout her journey. 

Kaylee Waldman – Fairy Godmother – Kaylee is thrilled to be in her 11th NYT production. Previous shows include “Suessical” and “Servant of Two Masters”. Kaylee is a senior at Horizon High School where she participates in Bella Voce Choir, theatre, and Student Government. Descendants will most likely be Kaylee’s Last production with NYT, she wants to thank everyone who has ever been apart of the NYT family, staff, cast, crew and Kimberly. They have created a legacy of memories and a place she can always call home. She also thanks her mom and dad for always supporting her in whatever she wants to do! She hopes you enjoy the show!

Vienna Frey – Jane, Auradonian Chorus – Vienna is excited to be back at NYT for her 7th production. Previous shows include “Junie B. Jones”, Biggity Bad and the The Three Little Pigs”, “Frozen Jr”, and “Maltilda”. Vienna is a 7th grader at Denver School of the Arts. When not on the stage, you will find Vienna either taking classes at NYT or rollerskating. Vienna would like to thank her parents for supporting her theater journey and the NYT staff for this wonderful opportunity to work with such an amazing cast/crew!  

Jackson Vaughn – King Beast – Jackson is quite thrilled to be in his final musical here at NYT. He has been apart of a multitude of shows, his favorite being “Seussical” and “The Servant of Two Masters”. Jackson is absolutely enthralled with the cast and having the opportunity to continue to be with everyone. Jackson would like to give a special shout out to all the people who support him, especially Graham, David, Caleb and John.

Ivanna Morera – Queen Belle – This is Ivanna’s 4th production with NYT! She has done The Great Gatsby, The Servant of Two Masters, and Seussical. Ivanna is excited that she got the opportunity to participate in this show and hopes that you enjoy the show! 

Grace Nyquist – Doug – Grace is excited to be back at NYT for her 3rd show! Previous shows include “Willy Wonka Jr.” “Johnny Appleseed” and “Seussical” Grace is currently a 8th grader at Westgate Community School. While not acting you will find her drawing or listening to music. She would like to thank this amazing cast for making this production magical! Thank you, and enjoy the show!

Olivia Lee  – Maurice – Olivia is a senior at The Summit Academy where she takes musical theater and performed:Into the Woods, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and most recently The Wizard of Oz where she played The Wicked Witch of the West. She’d like to thank her mom and dad for being so supportive, her siblings, and friends who have always been there for her. She couldn’t have made it here without you. 

Duncan Jones – Royal Page – Duncan is a 13 year old who attends 7th grade at Prairie View Middle School. He is very excited to be a part of his 6th production at NYT. His previous shows include, Frozen Jr,  All Together Now, The Worst Play in the History of Ever, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka Jr. He would like to thank his cast for being so supportive and fun to work with. He would also like to thank his director for giving him the opportunity to pursue his passion.

Hoshea Ehlis – Royal Guard, Auradonian Chorus – Hoshea is 14 years old and is excited for his first ever musical! He is a freshman at Ascend homeschool co-op. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, drawing, and playing drums. He would like to thank God and his family for being so supportive.   1 Peter 5:7 

Mal Bradley – Coach, Auradonian Chorus – This is Mal’s first production with NYT. She attends Stargate High School where she previously acted in their productions of “The Frogs” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” When she isn’t acting, you can find Mal drawing or swimming. Mal would like to thank her grandmother for introducing her to theatre at a young age.

DeAnna Van Vleet – Snow White, Auradonian Chorus – DeAnna is excited to be back at NYT this spring for her 2nd NYT production. Her previous shows include Suessical the musical, The Inn, and The Musical of Musicals. When she is not acting, DeAnna enjoys reading a good book, doing aerial silks, and catching up with friends. DeAnna is a senior this year, and is excited to continue her passion for acting when she goes to college. DeAnna would like to thank everyone who has encouraged her to follow her dreams. 

Tori Barrett – Isle Ensemble – Tori is excited to be joining NYT for the first time.  She was previously in the Denver School of the Arts production of “The Little Mermaid”.  Tori is a 7th grader at DSA. When not on the theatre stage, you can find Tori dancing on stage as a member of the EVQ dance Squad and a Company Member of Hollywood Vibe. Tori would like to thank her family. She would also like to thank her friend Rose for introducing her to NYT!

Zoe Hurd – Isle Ensemble – Zoe is very excited to be in her 5th show at NYT. Most recently she has been in “Be More Chill” at Center Stage, and “Seussical” at NYT. In her free time she loves to journal, do 100 jumping jacks, and hang out with her friends. She would like to thank her parents for driving her everywhere, her vocal teacher who helped her with her audition in a week, and her friends in the show who stuck with her through thick and thin. She hopes you enjoy the show! .

Cora Weber – Isle Ensemble – This is Cora’s first production with NYT. Previously, Cora has starred in many school plays and she is very excited to join NYT. Cora is 14 years old and will attend Legacy High School next year! She enjoys drawing, painting, and most of all, acting. Cora hopes to become a professional actor one day. She wants to thank her parents who always encourage her to work hard and all the people who made this amazing show possible!

Kathryn Palmer – Isle Ensemble – Kathryn is so excited to be in her third NYT show! She has made appearances in shows such as “An Avalanche of Murder” (Mary Hopkins), “Footloose the Musical” (Cowboy Dixie),“Seussical the Musical” (Bird Girl), “Matilda the Musical” (Big Kid #4) and “This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing” (Beatrix), along with her many, MANY cameos peeking her head out from behind set pieces. She wants to thank her family and the cast, and hopes you enjoy this wonderfully villainous performance.

Rohan Newman – Isle Ensemble – Rohan is excited to be with NYT for his first major production. Rohan is a 7th grader at Stargate Charter School and is a member of the National Junior Honors Society and Cross Country. He has participated in Stargate plays such as “Skeeter and the Weasels” and “Jack and the Magic Beanstalk”. When not on stage, you can find Rohan playing the piano, shopping, and volunteering with his grandmother. Rohan would like to thank his friend Eden for inspiring him to audition for this play with them, his family for supporting him, and the incredible cast.

Ryah Swan – Isle Ensemble – Ryah is so exited to be in her second ever Northglenn show! Her past shows include Matilda (Big kid #6) and Be More Chill (Tiffany/Zombie/Squipette)! She is a 9th grader at Horizon, when not onstage she enjoys drawing and jewelry making

Dylan Le – Isle Ensemble, Understudy Jay – Dylan is excited to be returning in his second show at NYT! You may have also seen him also in Seussical He is an 8th grade honors student at STEM Lab and is excited to start high school at Horizon next year. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games, or taking care of his pets. He would to thank his friends Taylor, Vanessa, and Simone for always being there for him.

Cailyn Rey – Isle Ensemble, Understudy Carlos Cailyn is very excited to be starring in their 4th show at NYT! Some of their previous shows include “12 Angry Jurors”, “Servant of 2 Masters, “Matilda”, “Clue”, “Your a good Man, Charlie brown, and ”PUFFS”. Cailyn is a Sophomore in the Mapleton District, where they are a member of Highschool Choir and Drama Program. Cailyn enjoys jamming to their favorite tunes, hanging with their favorite people, drawing, making music, and taking pics of their cat. Cailyn would like to thank the lovely cast, crew, and all the ones who support them! Enjoy!

Gabby Edmonds – Isle Ensemble, Understudy Maleficent – Gabby is so excited to perform in her 2nd NYT show! As a senior, this is her last show before college, and is excited to move to LA to pursue acting in the fall! She has been in several productions, including The Drowsy Chaperone, Anastasia, and most recently Seussical, where she played Mayzie. She enjoys reading, singing, and helping with various clubs at school. She has loved her time here at NYT and would like to thank her amazing castmates and her wonderful directors for all their support. She hopes you enjoy the show and have a wicked good time!

Kai Gunther – Isle Ensemble – Kai is excited to be back for their second production at NYT! Previous shows include: Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook. Kai is an 8th grader at Coal Ridge Middle School where they are part of Concert Choir and Student Council. Kai enjoys hanging out with friends, writing, singing/dancing, roleplaying, or cosplaying! Kai would like to thank  their friends, especially their online ones Reset, D1, Annie and Vanny for getting them through rough times.

Elsie Rabus – Auradonian Chorus, Understudy Mal – Elsie is thrilled to be back in her second show with NYT. Previous shows include Seussical and Newsies. Elsie is a ninth grade homeschooler who loves reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends. She would like to thank the cast for making this such a fun experience and also her family for loving her and being her free Uber service to all of her rehearsals.

Lia Morley – Auradonian Chorus, Understudy Evie – This is Lia’s first Northglenn production and she is so excited to be a part of it. Past theater credits include Officer Brophy in Arsenic and Old Lace and Ronnette in Little Shop of Horrors. Lia is a sophomore at Stargate High School, where she is also a member of National Honors Society, International Thespian Society, a cappella club, and orchestra. When Lia is not on stage, she enjoys playing soccer, piano, violin, reading, and watching BBC dramas. She wants to thank her parents for managing her busy schedule, driving her places, and being such a great support.

Kyrie Wills – Auradonian Chorus – This is Kyrie’s very first NYT production, though she’s participated in theater since the third grade. In shows like ‘Matilda’, and ‘Willy Wonka’ (and many more). Kyrie is a sophomore, and homeschooled. When she’s not on stage, she can be found writing (Her dream is to be a published author) or singing and playing the family piano. Kyrie is extremely grateful for the opportunity to perform in this production, and wants to thank all of her cast mates for making her first experience exciting and memorable. 

Jayca Douglass – Auradonian Chorus – Jayca is thrilled to be making her musical debut in The Descendants. She has played a Damsel in Distress in Joust!; Joyce in The Day the Internet Died; and Blattabillia Bluejay in Biggity Bad and the Three little pigs, right here at NYT. Jayca is active in band, track & field, and softball for Horizon High School. When she has free time, Jayca enjoys piano, camping, dirt bikes, dancing, and skateboarding. Jayca would like to thank her family for all of their support, and she hopes you enjoy the show! 

Lydia Allen – Auradonian Chorus – Lydia is an 8th grader at Westlake Middle School, is thrilled to be performing in her 7th NYT production. Previous shows include Freaky Friday, Big, All Together Now, and most recently Seussical. She has also appeared in Annie at Backstory Theater and Grease at Centerstage. When not onstage she enjoys hanging out with friends, spending too much money on things she doesn’t need, and volunteering in the nursery at her church. She wants to thank her family and friends for always supporting her. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Auditions are by appointment only. Visit NorthglennARTS.org for specifics on what to prepare, to schedule your audition, and all the 2023-24 audition opportunities.

The Enchanted Bookshop Directed by Jenna Moll Reyes
Ages 8-12
Auditions – May 16-18
Callbacks – May 20
Rehearsals start – May 23
Performances – June 23-25

Game of Tiaras Directed by Kimberly Jongejan
Ages 12-18
Auditions – June 5-6
Callbacks – June 7
Rehearsals start – June 27
Performances- August 4-6


Christina Roberts – Musical Director – Christina Roberts has been teaching and directing theatre in the Denver & Fort Collins since 2007.  Her work has been seen on such stages as the Parsons Theatre, the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, The Norton Theatre (University of Northern Colorado),  The Longmont Theatre Company, The Roberta Price, Robert L. Troutman Theatre, Bas Bleu, & The Downtown Artery.   She was honored by National Youth Arts for her work on the musical, Big Fish (“Outstanding Direction” and “Outstanding Production”).  She teaches acting and improv for the Northglenn Youth Theatre Academy. 

Veronica Legler – Stage Manager – Veronica is excited to be stage managing her first NYT production. She has previously worked on stage management teams for the following theaters: Phamaly Theatre Company (The Rocky Horror Show, Cabaret, & Baby with the Bathwater), Loveland Opera Theatre (Brigadoon), and Pacific Conservatory Theater (In The Heights, Shrek: The Musical, and Breaking Through). Veronica has a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre and Anthropology from MSU Denver.

Scott Stark – Props Manager – Scott is delighted to once again be part of helping NYT’s magic come to life. A spell book, magic mirror, and a really shiny spoon—this show has it all! Fun fact: as a teenager, Scott lifeguarded at Webster Lake in the park across the street from Parsons Theatre.

Rachel Brazell – Wardrobe Manager – Rachel Brazell, a theatre educator and cosplayer currently working with Pop Culture Classroom has been a stage manager and assistant director and costumes  73 mainstage NYT productions, directed 5 summer productions and performed in the Alumni group during the NYT All-Together Now show. Rachel wishes to thank her Mom, Angela and BFF Hannah and Kim for being her people and for the unending love they have shown over the years. 

Jack Lindstrom – Production Asst. Director – Jack is a Junior Theatre Major at Denver School of the Arts. Credits include: Disco Pigs (Pig), A Chorus Line (Mike), Indecent (Associate Producer), The Great Gatsby (Nick Carraway), and The Little Mermaid (Scuttle). This is his first time participating in an NYT show on the production side and he’s incredibly grateful to Kimberly for the opportunity, as well as the entire cast and crew for the wonderful work they’ve put in to the show. He would also like to thank his family and friends for everything they do. He hopes you enjoy the show.

Brian Watson – Set Designer – Brian recently relocated to the Denver area from Northern California. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from CSU Sacramento and works as a scenic designer, painter, actor, singer, teacher and illustrator. Locally you would have seen Brian’s work on The Scarlet Pimpernel at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. Some design favorites include The Little Mermaid, The Secret Garden, Annie, Urinetown, Peter & the Starcatcher and Les Miserables. Follow him on Instagram @BWatScenic and visit bwatscenic.weebly.com for more information

Morgan Ehresman – Lighting Designer – Morgan is ecstatic to help illuminate tonight’s performance. Though she is new to Colorado, she has been lighting productions since high school. This is her third show designing for NYT, previous ones being Winnie the Pooh and Seussical. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Angila Waldman – Choreographer – Angila first fell in love with this show when her daughter Kaylee was part of a production of it at Horizon High School. It is a super fun, quirky and high energy show. And she thoroughly enjoyed creating dance pieces reflecting that. She thanks Kimberly, Collin and the entire team for their dedication to the arts, their artistic creativity and all their hard work.  She also gives special thanks to Brian and Kaylee for always being in her corner. Always remember, “even if you’re little you can do a lot”!

Mya Busch – Production Assistant – Music – Mya is currently studying to get a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre and a teaching degree at CU Boulder. She has been singing and performing for 15 years. She has been having a wonderful time performing in the department; some roles include: Mrs. Tottendale in “The Drowsy Chaperone”,and Agatha in “Guys and Dolls”. Mya is an NYT alumni and played Savannah in “Freaky Friday” and Ursula in “The Little Mermaid”. She hopes you enjoy the show, she is so proud of the cast!