Northglenn Arts


Heart of Afghanistan

May 11, 2024 at 2pm


Ahmad Fanoos, Vocals, Harmonium

Elham Fanoos, Piano

Mehran Fanoos, Violin

Sohail Karimi, Tabla

The Heart of Afghanistan features four brilliant Afghan musicians: famed singer and Afghan TV star Ahmad Fanoos on vocals & harmonium, his sons Elham Fanoos on piano and Mehran Fanoos on violin, and Sohail Karimi on tabla.

Unable to perform inside Afghanistan today, where the Taliban has banned all music, the group carries the flame of Afghanistan’s rich and complex musical heritage, from its pre-Islamic Buddhist period to the modern era. Included in the program will be traditional ghazals based on the Sufi-inspired poetry of Rumi (who was born in Afghanistan), Afghan folk music, and the iconic hits of legendary singer Ahmad Zahir, first recorded in the 60s and 70s and still wildly popular today. Only recently reunited in the U.S., the ensemble will give a 360-degree view of Afghan culture through music and cultural heritage.

Northglenn Arts would like to thank Justin Levy and Project Worthmore for their invaluable assistance in reaching the Afghan community for this performance. Visit the Project Worthmore table to discover the impact they are making in the Denver refugee community.

Program to be selected from the following:

Program selections, order, and casting are subject to change without prior notice.


Ay Nay Naway Jawedan/ The Cry of the Reed Flute

Music by Ustad Naynawaz, Lyrics by Rumi

Listen to the reed and the tale it tells, how it sings of separation: Ever since they cut me from the reed bed

Azinja ta shamali Kar darum / I have a love in Shamali Valley

Music by Zahir Howaida, Lyrics Traditional

Oh, I have a task in Shamali, and I have a love in in Koh Daman

Ahesta Bero / Walk Slowly

Music and Lyrics, Folk/Traditional

Tonight there are flowers all around, walk slowly my moon, walk slowly, my sweet daughter, the beauty of my house.

Jara Jo / Sweet Spoken

Music by Dawood Sarkhosh and Lyrics Traditional

Your voice and manners are so sweet, and as bright as the moon

Da Zamong Zeba Watan / This is Our Beautiful Homeland

Music and Lyrics by Gulistan music by Ustad Sarmast

This is my Afghanistan, our beautiful homeland. I can cry for these mountains, this is our homeland of pain, this is my homeland, this is Afghanistan.

Bekhan ba Herat/Sing for Herat

Music and Lyrics by Amirjan Saboori

Sing again for this beautiful and lovable city, sing so that its kindness will envelope you.

Agar Bahar Biyayad/ If Spring Comes

Music by Ahmad Zahir and Lyrics by Ahmad Shah Azhar

If Spring comes, I will sing songs, I will sing songs of happiness and love

Larsha Ningarhar / Go to Ningarhar

Music and Lyrics, Traditional

Go to Ningarhar, a place of spring, where it never snows, and is always green.

Bring fresh flowers.

Zendagi Shore Nazanin Darad/ Life is SweetMusic

by Ahmad Fanoos, Lyrics by Aziz Ahmad Fanoos

Life is sweet, it is love, it is pain and suffering, enjoy its ups and downs

Yakdana Gul / A Single Flower

Music and Lyrics by Farhad Darya

I fell in love with your dark eyes, O girl from Sheberghan!

Nawroz / It is Persian New Year

Music and Lyrics, Folk/Traditional

It is Nawroz Leila, life is too short

Amagi Pak Birarem / Come Together like Brothers

Music by Safdar Tawakuli, Lyrics Traditional

Come together Afghans, like brothers, unite no matter where you are from

Aan Selsela Mohayat / Oh That Beautiful Wavy Hair

Music by Ustad Neynawaz and Lyrics by Abolqasem Lahouti

Your wavy hair is so fresh and beautiful that, if for sale, its fragrance would permeate the entire Bazar!

Leili Jan/ Beautiful Leila

Music by Ahmad Zahir, Lyrics by Traditional

Beautiful Leili, you have broken my heart. I have always wished for it, but you have never visited my village. Sighing, I have been waiting.

Shamse Mano Khudai Man / You my Sun, You my God

Music by Rahim Ghafari – Lyrics by Rumi

Shamse is my Sun and my God. I thank you, my Sun and my God

Kajaki Abroyet / Your Eyebrows are Like a Scorpion’s Sting

Music and Lyrics Omid Harjeli

You are beautiful, but your eyebrows are like the sting of a scorpion’s tail. What should I do, you belong to someone else.

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