Art On Parade

Entries for the 2019-2020 Art On Parade program are listed below. Click on the sculpture’s tab for information on the work.  All of these sculptures are on view at EB Rains Jr. Memorial Park until May 2020 – vote for your favorite sculpture until November 1, 2019 by scrolling down on this page.  The sculpture with the most votes will be permanently installed in Northglenn. All of the sculptures are available for sale by the artists – contact Michael Stricker at 303.450.8727 for more information.


MOUSE OVER TABS AND CLICK TO VIEW ALL WORKS IN THE COLLECTION: Dancing Flame, Golden Dancer, Grass Ballet, Maestro: Forever Young, Salvere and Skyline.

2019-2020 Entries

Site 6

Maestro: Forever Young

Larry Schueckler, Texas

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 112” x 64” x 46”

Cost: $32,500

Maestro: Forever Young depicts the impact of movement.  The directives of the conductor, often times perceived as abstract, have been magnified using an aggressive approach of sculpting.  The small wide-eyed student bridges the gap of time as the commanding power and authority of the maestro exhibits a slight boyish complexion and an insight to how it all began.

Site 4


Jeff Best, Michigan

Medium: Barbless Barb Wire

Dimensions: 96” x 40” x 72”

Cost: $18,500

Salvere is Latin for “to be saved”. Made of reclaimed wire this draft horse is named Amigo after a horse my father owned over 50 years ago. Watching the big Belgium work the fields, making pass after pass without hesitation, my mind thinks about those of us that do the same. Without hesitation we preserve each and every day pass after pass. God bless the draft horse in each of us.

Site 1

Golden Dancer

Darren Miller, Illinois

Medium: Metal

Dimensions: 13’ x 3’ x 3’

Cost: $6,500  

Golden Dancer is an abstract expression inspired by dance.  Line, form and negative space work together to produce rhythms and patterns that reflect the joy and grace of dance.  The dancer reminds us that we manifest an image of being while acknowledging a source of supply that is external to ourselves which puts us in motion.

Site 2


Kyle Ocean, Colorado

Medium: Mild Steel

Dimensions: 16’ x 10’ x 10’

Cost: $15,000

Skyline is based on movement, interaction and scale.  From a distance, the piece is very large and draws attention.  Once up close, it is very inviting and begs the viewer to walk through it and explore it from every angle.

Site 3

Dancing Flame

Jerry Jaramillo, Colorado

Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 7’ x 2’ x 2’

Cost: $18,000

Dancing Flame’s attributes are it’s flowing serpentine form mixed with cubist facets that spiral and shape-shift as you walk around the sculpture.  It has a high-polished exterior protected with a clear coating and rusted patina to convey a flame flickering.  It was created by a team of sculptors who are Northglenn natives: Jerry Jaramillo, Eric Lopez and Jay Michael Jaramillo.

Site 5

Grass Ballet

Owen William Fritts, New Mexico

Medium: Aluminum and Granite

Dimensions: 24’x 70” x 15’

Cost: $32,500

Inspired by the wave-like movement of wind through fields, Grass Ballet kinetically captures the grace of nature through simplicity, mass, height and slenderness.  Blades taper into the sky over heavy boulder bases which offer seating and a place for reflection.  Each blade and each grouping are different and special; no two are alike.