The award-winning Northglenn Youth Theatre program offers opportunities for young actors of all ages and abilities to explore the art of live theatrical performance. We are thrilled to offer NYT Academy which presents classes, workshops and personalized training to compliment the acclaimed main stage productions.



Intro to Acting  
Ages 6-18
This is a great class for the want-to-be actor! We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits and basic costume pieces. Great way to give acting a try. For the final class, we will show off all that we learned for an informal presentation for family and friends.

Ages 6-8
30313004-01    Sep 12-Oct 31    5:30-7:00p    $80/$88

Ages 9-11
30313004-03    Sep 12-Oct 31    5:30-7:00p    $80/$88

Ages 12-18
30313004-02    Sep 12-Oct 31    7:00-8:30p    $80/$88


Ages 8-11
This class taps into the creative mind and introduces actors to devised theatre/collaborative creation.  Working together, the group creates a new script and storyline through guided steps and improvisation. The class fosters concept forming, teamwork, character discovery, improvisation and movement.

30313017-01    Sep 18-Oct 23    4:30-6:00p    $60/$66



Dance for the Actor
Ages 8-18
This class will focus specifically on tap for the stage.  We will learn choreography typically used in musical theatre, and add in combinations appropriate for each actor’s skill level.  Tap shoes strongly encouraged.  This class is recommended for actors and dancers with some prior dance experience.

30313009-01    Sep 17-Oct 22    1:30-3:00p    $60/$66


Musical Theatre
Ages 8-18
In this beginner/intermediate level class, we will work on a big musical number from the Broadway musical, Wicked, focusing on all the details that make the magic happen.  The course will feature work with the music director and the choreographer to fine tune each aspect. The course culminates in a large ‘review’ show, featuring the numbers from each age group.

Ages 8-11    30313008-01    Sep 18-Oct 23    5:30-7:00p    $80/$88
Ages 12-18  30313008-02    Sep 18-Oct 23    7:00-8:30p    $80/$88



Head to Toe
Ages 11-18
This NYT Academy class is all about developing a character from the inside out and from top to bottom.  We will focus on how to manipulate your body, voice, movement, etc. to create a memorable and believable character from a selected script or monologue.  Intended for the more experienced actor (ages 11-18) who has a desire to take their acting to a new level and beyond reciting lines. Suggested previous experience: at least two staged productions (NYT or equivalent), and/or 2 introductory acting classes.

30313003-01    Sep 13-Nov 1    6:30-8:00p    $80/$88


Beyond the Basics
Ages 10-15
This class is for the young actor ready to work more intently on fine tuning specific acting skills. The class will cover intentional physical movement/positioning, voice, and delivery of a character.  Tips on memorization will be introduced. Class work will focus on a specific selections from scripts and/or monologues. Final class will be an informal presentation for friends and family. Previous acting classes (at least two sessions of intro or two staged productions) required.

30313006-01    Sep 14-Nov 2    5:30-7:00p    $80/$88



Vocal Techniques
Ages 10-18
This class is for the vocal performer who has had some experience, but would like exposure to a larger variety of vocal techniques.  Each vocal style requires a different approach, and in this master class we will explore those areas with specific focus on musical theatre, belting and chorus work. A must-take for any performer!

Ages 10-12    30313007-01    Sep 13-Oct 18    5:30-6:30p    $60/$66
Ages 13-18    30313007-02    Nov 1-Dec 6    5:30-6:30p    $60/$66
Ages 10-12    30313007-03    Sep 13-Oct 18    6:45-8:15p    $80/$88
Ages 13-18    30313007-04    Nov 1-Dec 6    6:45-8:15p    $80/$88


On-Camera Acting
Ages 10-18
This class is designed for the actor with stage experience who would like to expand their skills to include on-camera work.

30313015-01    Sep 18-Oct 23    7:00-8:30p    $60/$66



Actor’s Edge
Ages 10-18
This 4-part training breaks down the elements necessary for a musical theatre audition from start to finish.  Specific and detailed instruction and tips for preparing the most appropriate and effective audition for each actor.  The training will include professionals in each area: dance, music and acting – focusing on the very clear “do’s and don’t’s” and equipping the young actor with a variety of tips and tools to adapt to many different curve-balls that can be at every audition.  Exceptionally valuable feedback for actors of all levels.  Please bring to class a 3-ring binder and wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Jazz shoes encouraged – NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS.

30313005-01    Aug 21-24    6:00-8:00p    $65


Exploring Mythology

The beginnings of theatre can be traced to the Greeks and their mythology. This intermediate/advanced level master class is for the seasoned actor who seeks to further explore the influence of mythology in drama using reader’s theatre format.

30313019-01    Sep 24-Oct 29    1:30-3:30p    $80/$88