The award-winning Northglenn Youth Theatre program offers opportunities for young actors of all ages and abilities to explore the art of live theatrical performance. We are thrilled to offer NYT Academy which presents classes, workshops and personalized training to compliment the acclaimed main stage productions.

DECEMBER 11 (residents) | DECEMBER 14 (non-residents)

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Intro to Acting

Ages 7-15

We will introduce the world of acting through warm-up exercises, drama games, short skits and basic costume pieces. It is a great way to give acting a try. For the final class, we will show what we have learned in an informal presentation for family and friends.


Ages 7-9

10313004-01 Jan 9-Feb 27 5:30-7:00p $80/$88

10313004-04 Mar 13-May 1 5:30-7:00p $80/$88

Ages 10-15

10313004-03 Jan 9-Feb 27 5:30-7:00p $80/$88

10313004-05 Mar 13-May 1 5:30-7:00p $80/$88



Actor’s Edge

Ages 8-18

This 4-part training breaks down the elements necessary for a musical theatre audition from start to finish. The training will include professionals in dance, music and acting.  They will focus on the very clear ‘do’s and dont’s’, equipping the young actor with a variety of tips and tools to adapt to the many curve-balls that can pop up at an audition.  Please bring a 3-ring binder and wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Jazz shoes encouraged – NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS.


Ages 10-18

10313005-01 Jan 14-Feb 4 3:00-5:00p $60/$66

Ages 8-9

10313005-02 Jan 14-Feb 4 1:30-3:00p $60/$66


Dance for the Actor

Ages 8-18

This class will study basic dance steps for the stage, with a focus on ballet/jazz fundamentals. We will learn choreography typically used in musical theatre and add combinations appropriate for each actor’s skill level. Please bring jazz shoes. This class is recommended for actors and dancers with some prior dance experience.


10313009-01 Jan 13-Feb 3 9:00-11:00a $55/$60


Musical Theatre

Ages 8-15

We will work on a big musical number from a Broadway musical, focusing on all the details that make the magic happen.  The course will feature work with the music director and the choreographer to fine tune each aspect. The class culminates in a large ‘review’ show featuring the numbers from each age group.


Ages 8-11 The Little Mermaid

10313008-01 Jan 8-Feb 26 5:30-7:00p $80/$88

10313008-03 Mar 12-May 7 5:30-7:00p $80/$88

Ages 12-15 Grease

10313008-04 Mar 12-May 7 7:00-8:30p $80/$88



Head to Toe

Ages 11-18

This NYT Academy class is all about developing a character from the inside out and from top to bottom. We will focus on how to manipulate your body, voice, movement, etc. to create a memorable and believable character from a selected script or monologue. The class is intended for the more experienced student who has a desire to take their acting to a new level. Suggested previous experience is at least two staged productions (NYT or equivalent), and/or two introductory acting classes.


10313003-01 Jan 10-Feb 28 6:30-8:00p $80/$88

10313003-02 Mar 14-May 9 6:30-8:00p $80/$88


NEW! Puppetry

Ages 8-15

This intermediate level class is for the actor who wants to explore the incredible world of puppetry – from creation of a character to movements, emoting, expressions and beyond.  We will develop our own puppets and bring them to life! The final class will include a short presentation to show off our work.


10313022-01 Feb 17-Mar 10 10:00a-12:00p $60/$66



NEW! Outside the Box

Ages 10-18

This class will center on Devising – a theatrical form in which actors collaborate and become playwrights, directors, performers, and dramaturgs simultaneously! Students will be creating an original piece based on their own stories, thoughts, experiences, and social commentaries.  This class is a stimulating and exciting journey using improvisation and music to fuel the discussion and collaboration. Students will gain the physical and artistic confidence they need to be bold and brave with the material they are creating using techniques made famous by Frantic Assembly in the UK. This class will culminate with a performance of an original one-act play.


10313023-01 Feb 18-Apr 8 1:30-3:30p $106