By George Bernard Shaw

Adapted by Christopher Morse

(The stage play based on the musical My Fair Lady)

Presented by Northglenn Youth Theatre and Directed by Kimberly Jongejan

April 23-25 at the DL Parsons Theatre

On a rainy London evening in 1913, linguist Henry Higgins has a fateful encounter with an impertinent Cockney flower seller. When the girl shows up at his laboratory the following day, the haughty and impulsive Higgins makes a bold wager with a colleague: employing his mastery of language he will transform Eliza Doolittle from a rough street urchin into an aristocratic lady in just six months. And so begins Eliza’s halting metamorphosis … but what will become of the poor girl once this “experiment” is over? This lighter, livelier, and shorter version of Shaw’s original blends social satire, philosophical wit, and a heated battle of the sexes is wonderfully entertaining.

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Henry Higgins – Dylan Paredes
Eliza Doolittle – Chloe Brandow
Alfred Doolittle – Jose Carpenter
Colonel Pickering – Jack Lindstrom
Mrs. Higgins – Zoe Weiss-Jones
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Laura Poe
Clara Eynsford-Hill – Alicia Colburn
Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Jack Bucher
Mrs. Pearce – Hazel Foubert
Parlor Maid – Kaylee Waldman
Bystanders – Natasha Gangji, Allison Jensen