by Bill Hayden

An NYT Jr. Production

Directed by Kimberly Jongejan

June 25-27

Princess Marguerite is a problem for her twin brother, Prince Marcus.  She wants to go riding in the forest, although a dragon is terrorizing the kingdom.  When she slips out of the castle, she encounters the dragon which is, in reality, an enchanted princess.  Not only that, but when the original spell is broken, Marguerite suddenly discovers that she has been transformed into the dragon.  Marcus must figure out what to do about his sister, the dragon.  It takes a good deal of magic to turn Marguerite back into a princess again, but that’s all part of the enchantment of this delightful play.

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Cast of Characters 

Princess Marguerite – Ashlyn Davis

Prince Marcus – Caleb Granado

Queen Nepharia – Hollis London

Farcourt – Gabriel Swim

Quenton – Aksel Gangji

Cecil – Adan Swim

Cedric – Jessiah DeLeon

Madame de Towne – Alyssia Litzau

Mademoiselle Denise – Lydia Allen

Mademoiselle Yvonne – Valentina Morera

Mademoiselle Missalow – Dolly Carter

Mademoiselle Cecily – Sydney Williams

Mademoiselle Fay – Scarlet Westenskow

Princess Daphne – Addisyn Luby

Chloe – Millie Marquez