Game of Tiaras

A NYT Production

Is presented through special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.


Photography, videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


Narrator 1 Evie Sickbert

Narrator 2 Isabella Newton

Snow White/Bird Cora Weber

Belle Aubrey Jackson

Cinderella Zoe Harrison

Ellie DeAnna Van Vleet 

Little Mermaid/Crowd Rylee Puttroff

King Jackson Vaughn

Prince Charming Samuel Granado

Smeagol Duncan Jones

French Prince Seamus McCool

Blood Packet Guy Fabrizio Milinazzo

Dwarf 1/Crowd/Bunny Lilly Sergeeff

Dwarf 2/Crowd/Candleman Kathryn Palmer

Guard 1 Noah Moreno-Idowu

Guard 2 Dylan Le

Guard 3 Jude Sutter

Soldier 1 Anna Sollohub

SoldieR 2 Harley Saldana

Soldier 3 Rohan Newman

French Soldier 1/Girl Cailyn Rey

French Soldier 2 Grace Nyquist

French Soldier 3 Layla Stark

Other Princess 1/Crowd Desiree Kennison

Other Princess 2/Crowd Lauren Fiddes

Other Princess 3/Crowd Maddy Leslie

Executioner/Snowman/Bunny Ian Amaro

Herald/Crowd/Bird Caleb Granado

Peasant/Crowd/Squirrel Sydney Williams

Peasant/Crowd/Teapot/Squirrel Taylor McEwan



Director Kimberly Jongejan

Stage Manager Veronica Legler

Costume Designer Sloane Crazybear

Set Designer Cheryl Brodzinsky    

Sound Designer Rowan Livengood

Props Manager Scott Stark

Lighting Designer W. Alejandro Melendez

Tech Crew

Anna Frasier

JuJu Brettillo

JJ Witmer

Brycen Cosgrove

Vanessa Garcia



Producer   Michael Stricker

Theater Program Manager   Patrick Berger

Theater Coordinator    Kimberly Jongejan

Technical Director   Daniel Mori

Assistant Technical Director   Wren Tran Ryder

Patron Services Coordinator Candice Marchese

Marketing Coordinator   Terra Mueller

Box Office

Violet Mitchell

Zahra Murad

Kyle VanDewart




by Don Zolidis

Directed by Kimberly Jongejan

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Evie Sickbert

Narrator 1

Evie Sickbert is very excited to be a part of Game of Tiaras! She just moved here from Georgia and has been acting since she was 5 years old. She is 13 years old and some of her favorite roles have been James in James in the Giant Peach, she was Past Helvetica in Helvetica and Connie in A Chorus Line. She wants to thank her family for helping her through everything she has done. Enjoy the Show!

Isabella Newton

Narrator 2

Isabella is so excited to be one of the show’s narrators! This is her first NYT production, but she’s been on stage many times before. Previous roles include Kelsi in High School Musical, Singing Telegram Girl in Clue, Doctor in Matilda, and Juror 12 in 12 Angry Jurors. Isabella will be a junior at Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts, where she’s in choir, drama, National Honor Society and marching band. Off stage, you’ll find her listening to her favorite K-pop groups and goofing off with friends. NYT is an amazing and welcoming community she’ll return to over and over again!

Cora Weber

Snow White/Bird

Cora is overjoyed to be back for her second show with NYT! She performed her first NYT show, Descendants, in the spring. Cora will be a freshman at Legacy High School this fall. In addition to theatre, Cora enjoys art and listening to music! She is so grateful for this opportunity and everyone who has made this amazing show possible!

Aubrey Jackson


Aubrey is thrilled to be back at NYT for her 6th and final show! Favorite roles include Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby-NYT, Brighella in Servant of Two Masters-NYT, Tsarina Alexandra in Anastasia-HHS), Rona Lisa Peretti in 25th Spelling Bee and more! Aubrey graduated class of 2023, and is pursuing Writing and Theater at Evangel University to become a novelist. Her current book, Silver Silence is available on Amazon. She would like to thank God most of all, her family and her director Kim. This performance is dedicated to her late sister Julie Ellen Jackson. #LiveLikeEllen

Zoe Harrison


Zoe is thrilled to be taking part in her tenth show with NYT. Recent credits include Mrs. Mayor in Seussical, the Evil Queen in Descendants, and Catherine in Great Gatsby. This fall, Zoe will be entering her senior year at Denver School of the Arts. She would like to thank her dad for supporting her, her cast mates for helping her raise the bar, and Director Kimberly Jongejan for giving her this opportunity.

DeAnna Van Vleet


DeAnna is so excited to participate in her 3rd and sadly final NYT production. She has loved being a part of NYT, and is so thankful for the opportunities she has received to act in NYT shows such as Suessical the Musical and Descendents. DeAnna is a high school graduate, and is excited to continue her acting journey at college at UNCO. When she is not acting you can find DeAnna reading, working, or playing with her dogs. DeAnna would like to thank everyone who has inspired her to countinue acting, and all of her cast mates, who have made theater a blast!

Rylee Puttroff

Little Mermaid/Crowd

Rylee is thrilled to be a part of NYT’s Game of Tiaras! Previous shows at NYT include Seussical, All Together Now, Puffs and The Adventures of Super Margaret.Rylee is 16 years old and a junior in high school. When not on stage, you can find Rylee listening to music, training her dogs, hanging out with friends, and shopping. Rylee would like to thank her mom for driving her to rehearsals, Kimberly, for the opportunity to be apart of the show, and the cast and crew for being so much fun to work with and creating such an inclusive, magical space. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Jackson Vaughn


Jackson is very excited to be in his very last show as an actor in NYT and is beyond blessed by all the support of his friends and family! (Notably, David, Graham, and Caleb) Jackson is currently working as an apprentice electrician and is hoping to be able to pursue his passion of music in the future! Game of Tiaras is packed with lovely people and Jackson sincerely hopes you enjoy the final product as much as he loved to be a part of one last show.

Samuel Granado

Prince Charming

Samuel is thrilled to be a part of this summers NYT production of Game of Tiaras. This is Samuels fifth show with NYT. Previous shows include Gatsby, Puffs, Matilda, and A Servant of two Masters. Samuel will be returning to Brighton high School for his Sophomore year in the fall. In his spare time, Samuel loves to spread positivity. His favorite quote is “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience.” -Soren Kierkegaard. Samuel would like to thank his friends and family for their continued support and encouragement.

Duncan Jones


Duncan is a 13 year old who is going in to 8th grade at Prairie View Middle School. He is very excited to be a part of his 7th production at NYT. Some of his favorite shows include Descendants: The Musical, The Worst Play in the History of Ever, and Willy Wonka Jr. He would like to thank his cast for being so wonderful and exciting to work with. Duncan would also like to thank his director for giving him this amazing opportunity. He hopes you enjoy the show.

Seamus McCool

French Prince

Seamus is excited to join NYT for his first production. Seamus is a student of The Colorado School of Acting. When not acting, you can find Seamus volunteering in his community or spending time with his dog.

Fabrizio Milinazzo

Blood Packet Guy

Fabrizio is excited to be back at NYT for his fifth and final production. Previous shows include Freaky Friday, BIG, Adventures of Super Margaret & recently in Descendants. Fabrizio has just graduated High School and is headed to UNC to further his passion of Theatre. When not on stage you can find him hanging out with his friends and family. Fabrizio would like to thank Kimberly for giving him the opportunity to be in this show and those before. He would also like to thank his parents for being his number one supporters throughout all his endeavors.

Lilly Sergeeff

Dwarf 1/Crowd/Bunny

Lilly is beyond excited to be in her 8th NYT show! She is very grateful to have had the chance to work with this cast. Previous shows include Seussical and Willy Wonka Jr at NYT and currently in Fiddler on the Roof at BDT. Lilly will be 14 on closing night and is a freshman at Horizon High School where she is a member of International Thespian Society and jazz choir. When not in the theatre, Lilly can be found reading! She would like to thank her parents, Kimberly, and this awesome cast for their support! Enjoy!

Kathryn Palmer

Dwarf 2/Crowd/Talking Candleman

Kathryn is so happy to be in her 4th NYT show! This is her first time taking part in an NYT summer play! Kathryn has played an eclectic bunch of characters, such as Mary Hopkins in An Avalanche of Murder, Bird Girl in Seussical the Musical, Cowboy Dixie in Footloose the Musical, Beatrix in This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing, Big Kid #4 in Matilda the Musical, and Isle Ensemble in Descendants the Musical. Kathryn wants to thank her family for supporting her, and apologize to the audience for the heartbreaking tragedy that is about to ensue. Enjoy the show!

Noah Moreno-Idowu

Guard 1

Noah Moreno-Idowu is excited because this is Noah’s first ever show at NYT.  Noah is a 10th grader at Horizon High school, where he is a member of the International Thespian Society, the drama club.  When not on stage, you can find Noah either practicing his driving, swimming, or spending time with his family or Grandparents. Noah would like to thank his whole family for inspiring him, and to the director and cast for being such a great and fun group to work with!

Dylan Le

Guard 2

Dylan is glad to be back at NYT for his 3rd production! His previous shows include Disney’s Descendants as Jay Understudy, Ensemble and Seussical as Wickersham & Cadet. He is also looking forward to joining Horizon High School in August as a ninth grader. When he is not in the theatre, you can find him going to the mall with friends, biking, or listening to Taylor Swift. He would love to thank his sister Rei for always putting up with him and not letting him give up. He would also love to thank the kind and amazing cast!

Jude Sutter

Guard 3

Jude is delighted to be joining this cast for his very first NYT production. He attends Denver School of the Arts as an 8th grade Theatre Major. Previous shows inculde Puffs as Cedric/Voldy, Amelie as Various, Matilda as Nigel,  and Little Mermaid as Sailor. He enjoys reading and writing, watching movies and long walks with his dog and true crime podcasts. He is increadibly greatful for his parents for being a huge support to him and for also driving him all the way up here for rehersals!    1 Peter 5:7

Anna Sollohub

Soldier 1

Anna is so excited to do her 3rd NYT program, her previous NYT programs being Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka Jr. Outside of acting Anna enjoys drawing, fashion, and spending time with family and friends. She would like to thank her family for being so supportive and helping her along her acting journey. She hopes that she can continue to be a part of NYT in the future!

Harley Saldana

Soldier 2

Harley is excited to be at NYT for her first production and her first acting role. She is an upcoming senior at Horizon High School and where she is a member of Battle of the Books. She likes to read mystery or sci-fi books or knit in her spare time. Harley would like to thank her parents and her two younger sisters for being incredibly supportive throughout this journey.

Rohan Newman

Soldier 3

Rohan is so excited to be back at NYT to perform his second show. His previous show with NYT was Disney’s Descendants. Rohan loved his last show and working with all of the amazing people here, and was eager to join this production right when he heard about it. Rohan is an 8th grader at Stargate Charter School and has just recently been discovering his love for the arts. You can find Rohan reading, watching movies, and hanging out with his friends when he’s not on stage. Rohan would like to thank his family for all of the support and the cast, crew, and staff.

Cailyn Rey

French Soldier 1/Girl

Cailyn is excited to be back for their 5th NYT production! Cailyn has been in 8 other shows, her favorites include Matilda as Big Kid #5, Clue as Wadsworth, Servant of Two Masters as Beatrice, 12 Angry Jurors as Juror 8,and Descendants as Ensemble & Carlos Understudy! Cailyn is an upcoming junior at MESA highschool, where they are apart of the Mapleton Choir and Drama program! When not on stage, Cailyn can be found listening/playing music, drawing, working out, and making plans with their friends! Cailyn would like to thank their friends, family, and cast for all their constant love and support!

Grace Nyquist

French Soldier 2

Grace is excited to be back at NYT for their 4th show. They are an upcoming freshman at Horizon Highschool. Previous credits include Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, Doug in Descendants, and Wickersham in Suessical the Musical. They have absolutely enjoyed working with this cast and hopes you enjoy the show!

Layla Stark

French Soldier 3

Layla Stark is an aspiring 13-year-old actress who will be starting 8th grade at Westlake Middle School in the fall. Her NYT performances include: Willy Wonka Jr., Servant of Two Masters, and Alice in Wonderland Jr. She is very excited to be in such a fun play and would like to thank her mom and dad for helping her practice for her audition and always being supportive.

Desiree Kennison

Other Princess 1/Crowd

Desiree is 14 and this is her first NYT show. Performing has always been a big part of her life since she was little. She will be a freshman this year at the Stead School.  She is the oldest of two and  is a family person. She has been in choir  and theater  classes/performances for years. When not on stage she enjoys hanging out with her friends and siblings and loves drawling .

Lauren Fiddes

Other Princess 2/Crowd

Lauren is excited to be in her first production at NYT! Lauren just graduated from Horizon High School and was active in the theater program. She was in shows such as Anastasia, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and One Acts, as well tech for many other shows! Lauren is excited to attend CU Boulder in the fall, with a major in English and minor in theater! Lauren would like to thank her parents and closest friends who always support her in everything she does!

Maddy Leslie

Other Princess 3/Crowd

This is Madison’s first time participating in NYT production. Madison goes to Riverdale Ridge high school, and participates in a variety of things such as theater, sports and band. When she is not doing those things Madison likes to hang out with her friends , draw , exercise and watch tv shows. She would  like to thank her family for always supporting her and the whole cast for welcoming her! She hopes to stay on this ride of theater as she grows!

Ian Amaro


Ian is a 7th grader at Rocky Top Middle School. He absolutely loves theatre and has dedicated his energy to learning everything he can about it. He wants to thank his mom, dad, family and friends for supporting him.

Caleb Granado


Caleb is delighted to join the cast of Game of Tiaras. This is Caleb’s fourth show at NYT. His previous shows include My Sister the Dragon, All Together Now and Winnie the Pooh. Caleb is currently a theatre major at DSA. In his spare time Caleb is an active member of Fortaleza Familiar and wants to be an advocate for LGBTQ youth. They would like to thank their friends and family for their continued support and encouragement.

Sydney Williams


This is Sydney’s third NYT production and she is delighted to be back. Sydney has previously performed in My Sister the Dragon and Willy Wonka. She will be entering the 7th grade at Century Middle School this fall and has appeared in their theater performances as well. She also enjoys running 5k races with her family, traveling, and spending time with friends. Sydney would like to thank her mom and dad for always supporting her. She is also extremely grateful to the cast and crew for all their hard work!

Taylor McEwan


Taylor is thrilled to be back for her third NYT show! Previous shows include Suessical as A Who, Matilda as Alice, Legally Blonde Jr. with CenterStage as Whitney. Taylor is currently attending Quist Middle School where she will be going into 8th grade. When not on stage you can find her reading a book or listening to music. Enjoy the show!



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