Read the article “The Show Must Go On…COVID Style” in the December 2020 Northglenn Connection

A Word of Thanks

This fall marked a first for NYT: three productions in three weekends…and during a pandemic.  Adjustments were made to accommodate our new (fr)enemy COVID to include reducing audience size, live streaming productions, wearing masks while performing, and the biggest feat of rescheduling Clue from a full weekend of performances to two shows on Thursday night prior to the theatre’s temporary closure on Friday morning.

This all could not be done without the incredible direction and commitment from Kimberly Jongejan.  Director extraordinaire and creative savant. The triple show idea was her brain child.  She cast and directed all three shows; had back-to-back-to-back tech weeks and managed to produce three incredible shows for our NYT kids.  Her devotion to our theatre kids is beyond words….she is incredible.

Candice Marchese: Thank you for your resilience in scheduling/rescheduling in-person tickets and planning/replanning seating charts for the theatre.  This is not a simple task that you make look simple.  You will see her at the theatre – many times behind the scenes, cleaning seats and surfaces to keep us all safe.  Her dedication to our patrons is amazing and much appreciated – it does not go unnoticed!

Christopher Waller: Set design and live streaming coordination.  His build/designs give our stage the fantasy of the production.  Endless planning, runs to Lowes, ladder climbs and nail guns – make Christopher tick.  The live streaming was a new offer with these productions and we thank him for making it all happen and giving our home audience the opportunity to see the hard work of NYT!

Michael Stricker: Thanks for the green light in making these productions a go. Especially for the opportunity to get Clue on-stage a day early and giving our kids the spotlight to perform!

Bekah: Thank you for your flexibility to drop and make things happen.  Your assistance and commitment with all the productions is never overlooked.  We appreciate you!

April: Thank you for the wonderful photography.  From headshots to live shots and making a schedule change on our last weekend – we love your creativity and art.

Carla, Kevin and Jeremy: Behind the scenes creating costumes, lighting and music.  Productions would be blah without all of you.  Triple threats – thanks so much!

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY – A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL THE CAST MEMBERS OF JUNIE B. JONES, SUPER MARGARET AND CLUE!  (Thank you to the parents, family, friends and loved ones too!) Thank you for your dedication, resilience and passion to perform.  You were loyal to the process, and flexible to the ever-changing 2020 landscape. 2020 will never be forgotten.  But most importantly, you made this a memorable season for all of us.  Please come back and perform with us again…I’m sure Kimberly is already planning!