By Edith Weiss

Presented by NYT Jr. and Directed by Kimberly Jongejan

March 5-7 at the DL Parsons Theatre

Higgelty and Piggelty are two devil-may-care pigs who spend their days avoiding work.  When they are joined in the pen by a third pig, Hamlet, who is a truffle pig and talks funny (ala Shakespeare), life changes drastically on the farm.  Things change even more when Buzz the Turkey Buzzard convinces Rolf, a tender-hearted and lonely wolf, to become “Biggity Bad” and capture the pigs.  Run for your life chases plus a surprise ending!

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Higgelty – Vienna Frey
Piggelty – Aspen Sanchez
Hamlet – JJ Witmer
Buzz the Turkey Buzzard – Serenity Carter
Rufus Rabbit – Aksel Gangji
Rolfie – Evan Jensen
Farmer’s Wife – Charlotte Foubert
Taxman – Maxwell Litzau
WingDing Pumpkinpatch – Paige Valois
Rosie Red Hen – Lydia Allen
Blattabillia Bluejay – Jayca Douglass
Freckles the Bull/Wolf – Adan Swim
Lee Bee/Wolf – Elena Aretz
Bree Bee/Wolf – Zoe Hurd
Dee Bee/Wolf – Lucy Dayton