Biggity Bad and the Three Little Pigs

by Edith Weiss

  • Ages: 8-12
  • Performances: March 5-7

Higgelty and Piggelty are two devil may care pigs who spend their days avoiding work.  When they are joined in the pen by a third pig, Hamlet, who is a truffle pig and talks funny (ala Shakespeare), life changes drastically on the farm.  Things change even more when Buzz the Turkey Buzzard convinces Rolf, a tender-hearted and lonely wolf, to become “Biggity Bad” and capture the pigs.  Run for your life chases plus a surprise ending!


  • WingDing Pumpkinpatch (m) – a loud, prone to frustration rooster
  • Blattabilia Bluejay (f) – annoying bird who thinks she’s always right
  • Rosie Red Hen (f) – a gentle and sweet hen
  • Lee Bee (e) – Energetic leader of the “Bee” team
  • Bree Bee (e) – Positive and hard-working bee
  • Dee Bee (e) – Enthusiastic and diligent bee
  • Freckles the Bull (m) – Easily angered, stomping, snorting, scary bull
  • Higglety (e) – The oldest of the 3 pigs, the boss. Lazy
  • Pigglety (e) – The most prone to make trouble; lazy, bratty, and has an affinity for lying.
  • Hamlet (e) – Hard-working truffle pig who speaks English with a Shakespearian flair. Doesn’t really fit in well.
  • Buzz the Turkey Buzzard (m) – an unscrupulous turkey buzzard who tries to be extremely cool and gangsta.
  • Rufus Rabbit (e) – Full of nervous energy and fear. Clings to Buzz and copies him.
  • Maggie the Farmer’s Wife (f) – Short on patience, she’s trying to keep the farm going by herself
  • The Tax Collector (e) – very proper and has a job to do
  • Rolfie (e) – Biggity Bad Wolf – a tender-hearted and lonely wolf who is desperate to get back in the wolf pack, and therefore easily manipulated.
  • The Wolf Pack (Doubled with some of the other characters)
The Worst Play in the History of Ever

Regional Premier! By Jeffrey Wolf

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Performances: April 9-11

Jeremy, a middle school student, has written a play and the drama club is putting it on for the whole school.  But with only three days and a lot of re-writing to do, can Jeremy, Holly, Mrs. Wright and the wacky cast of characters pull it all together?  Shakespeare, sock puppets, farm animals… this hilarious show proves that sometimes not every idea is a good one, but then again, the show must go on!


  • Jeremy (m) – the playwright. A creative and nervous middle-schooler
  • Jenny (f) – Jeremy’s groupie
  • Julie (f) – Jenny’s groupie
  • Wright/Fairy Godmother (f) – The school drama teacher
  • Holly Left (f) – the student director
  • Adam (m) – the typical male lead actor
  • Shana (f) – the girl who always gets the lead
  • Archie (m) – the new kid
  • Nancy (f) – actress, Ernest’s confidant
  • Ernest/Ernestine (e) – shy and softspoken
  • Quentin (m) – the walking question and trivia nerd
  • Aiden/Madison # 1, #2 & #3 – the backstage kids who all have the same name

by George Bernard Shaw and Adapted by Christopher Morse (The stage play based on the musical My Fair Lady)

  • Ages: 12-18
  • Performances: April 23-25

On a rainy London evening in 1913, linguist Henry Higgins has a fateful encounter with an impertinent Cockney flower seller. When the girl shows up at his laboratory the following day, the haughty and impulsive Higgins makes a bold wager with a colleague: employing his mastery of language he will transform Eliza Doolittle from a rough street urchin into an aristocratic lady in just six months’ time. And so begins Eliza’s halting metamorphosis … but what will become of the poor girl once this “experiment” is over? This lighter, livelier and shorter version of Shaw’s original blends social satire, philosophical wit and a heated battle of the sexes is wonderfully entertaining.


  • Henry Higgins (m) – Middle-aged bachelor. A professor of linguistics
  • Eliza Doolittle (f) – a young Cockney flower girl
  • Alfred Doolittle (m) – Eliza’s Father, a dustman with a philosophical bent.
  • Colonel Pickering (m) – Friend and colleague of Higgins
  • Higgins (f) – Henry’s mother, a society woman
  • Eynsford-Hill (f) – a friend of Mrs. Higgins
  • Clara Eynsford-Hill (f) – Mrs. Eynsford-Hill’s daughter, a modern young woman
  • Freddy Eynsford-Hill (m) – Mrs. Eynsford-Hill’s son
  • Pearce (f) – Henry’s housekeeper
  • Parlor-Maid (f) – Maid of Mrs. Higgins