DL Parsons Theatre

The DL Parsons Theatre presents performances and films for citizens of all ages, including Magical Mornings theater for young children, Break Escape performances for school age children and Travel Films for adults. Family performances include musical productions by the Northglenn Youth Theatre, Missoula Children’s Theatre, Northglenn Players, and our outstanding Summer Concert and A Cappella Concert series.

Several performing arts opportunities are available for youth who want to participate in live theatre. The Northglenn Youth Theatre auditions children ages 8-18 each spring and fall for large-scale musical productions. Every January and August the theatre hosts the internationally-acclaimed Missoula Children’s Theatre touring company, where children ages 6-18 can audition for a o­ne-hour musical production. Additionally, youth dance and acting classes are offered year-round in cooperation with the Northglenn Recreation Center.

The DL Parsons Theatre is home to several community groups including the Northland Chorale, who provide o­ngoing opportunities for adult participation.

The theatre is available to rent. Click for more information.