Northglenn Arts and the Northglenn Youth Theatre and Academy programs know that this past year has been especially challenging.  We would like to take a moment and celebrate our incredible NYT thespians who will be graduating in 2021.

To our graduates: great things are ahead for you and your NYT family is behind you all the way. Life will always be filled with ups and downs, joys and disappointments, hardships and windfalls…much like theatre!  We acknowledge and celebrate your years of dedication, hard work, and resilience and wish you much success on your next adventure.  Stay in touch.  We will always remember each and every one of you – dream big!

Mya Busch

High School: Horizon High School

Future Plans: I’m going to be attending CU Boulder in the fall

Major: Double major in Music Theatre and Education

NYT Credits: Savannah in Freaky Friday and Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Favorite NYT Memory: My favorite NYT memory was being able to perform one of my dream roles (Ursula) while performing with such phenomenal people and having an amazing time.

Favorite Costume: My favorite costume was definitely for Ursula. I had a wig made out of pool noodles and it was so cool.

Advice for NYT Newbies: Always live in the moment and have so much fun. Don’t cause drama or get involved in it because these are some of the best times in life and you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Shout-outs: I’d love to shout out Micaiah Sprague and Lola Hensel for being such amazing friends and always being there for me no matter what.

Elise Jongejan

High School: Horizon High School

Future Plans: Taking a year off and then doing a combo of Front Range CC/Metro State University.

NYT Credits: Although I’ve been part of NYT literally my whole life (thanks mom) –  “official” credits include:

Tech: Catch Me if You Can, Doctor Dolittle, Into the Woods, Mary Poppins, Big Fish, Peter Pan, Freaky Friday

Acting: Seussical, Narnia, Little Mermaid

Favorite NYT Memory: Running the Big Fish show and seeing the ‘Alabama Stomp’ every single time.

Favorite NYT Costume: Techie blacks

Advice for NYT Newbies: Make friends with everyone and that will help make the show work way better.

Shout-outs:  Special shout out to the Rodriguez family – you made me feel so welcomed and loved.

Micaiah Sprague

High School: Mountain Range High School

Future Plans: I will be attending Front Range in the summer to finish my Associates of Business, and move on from there 🙂

Major: Business/Undecided

NYT Credits: Robin Hood (2011), Seussical (2011), Wind in the Willows (2012), Twinderella (2013), Narnia (2014), Thoroughly Modern Millie (2015), Aladdin (2015), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2015), Beauty and the Beast (2016 NYTA if you count that), Doctor Dolittle (2016), Big Fish (2018), Peter Pan (2018), Little Mermaid (2019), Pygmalion (2021)

Favorite Memory: I will never forget the second performance of Doctor Dolittle. That night I saw the audience light up with joy, and that is when I discovered why I love doing theatre so much. It’s about telling the story and getting lost in it.

Funny Memory: I will never forget the squeaking down the slide in Peter Pan…and my hook getting caught on it. The Speakeasy Scene in Millie, and crying laughing on the stage in Narnia rehearsals with Maddie Jongejan. Also, prancing around for no reason as The Dwarf in Narnia and going after my sister in the final battle lol. Pants ripped on stage during the opening in Big Fish.

Favorite Costume: Even though I had to change for every single scene I was in, I never felt more extravagant and “glamorous” when I was wearing my Captain Hook Costumes. The colors, the materials, and the hats just made my character 10X better.

Advice for NYT Newbies: The best way to tell a story isn’t about what the script says, how the music sounds if you’re stepping with the correct foot, or even how the set looks, but how you apply yourself into the character. Your individuality is what makes the story relatable, intriguing, and fully engages the audience. The stage can take your lowest points and turn them into amazing experiences, all you have to do is just let go.

Shout-outs: Shout out to Bekah for letting me go to Panera…twice, also for just being an amazing human to me. Shout out to Anglea for always supporting me and staying with me when my parents were late to pick me up. Shout out to Debbie for giving the best costumes and just having the best positivity. Shout out to Christopher for always having the best conversations and exposing me lol. Shout out to my brother Isaac for doing NYT in the first place and inspiring me to get on the stage. Shout out to Rachel Brazell for casting me in my first NYT and introducing me to character development. Finally, shout out to Kimberly Jongejan! You have helped me not only grow as a performer but as a person. You showed me that the best way to help someone grow is to be there right alongside them. Show them tough love, but also make sure they laugh and don’t take life too seriously. I owe it to you for always believing in me and seeing something in me. I will be forever grateful for having you be a teacher, a director, and a friend.

Zoe Weiss-Jones

High School: APEX Homeschool Program

Future Plans: I’m planning on taking a gap year to start acting locally, and maybe take some classes at Front Range. After that, I either want to attend UNC for Musical Theatre or move to New York and start acting and working as an artist. Way-in-the-future plans include owning a massive amount of plants and cats, doing something in the fashion industry involving design, going to Ireland, painting a mural on a building, wrestling an alligator, learning how to pole dance, traveling with a comedy sketch group, making as many people as possible cringe at my awful puns, performing as a drag king, and choreographing some musicals.

NYT Credits: The Mermaid inBig Fish, Torrey in Freaky Friday, Andrina in The Little Mermaid, Mrs. White in Clue, and Mrs. Higgins in Pygmalion.

What was your favorite NYT memory? Onstage, the entire seagull dance in Little Mermaid. It was my favorite dance I have ever done in any show ever, and the costumes were so fun and everyone onstage was having so much fun and the techies were cracking up in the booth every night…it was so much fun. SqwuaAAK. Offstage, all of the “I’m sorry” jokes.

Which costume was your favorite? All of my costumes have been pretty supreme, but I think the seagull costume wins purely because of the knee-high orange socks. Mrs. Higgins’ costumes are a close second though.

Advice for NYT Newbies: Have fun. NYT people are some of the nicest, most amazing people you will ever have the privilege of knowing and I have had some of the most amazing experiences in these shows. Have fun and don’t be afraid to just go for it and try new things and make mistakes and learn.

Shout-outs: Shout out to Kimberly for being one of the most fun people I’ve ever worked with!!! And to everyone I’ve met at NYT: y’all are pretty cool, thanks for being the amazing people you are 🙂