Travel Film Series

Join us for our 30th season of travel and adventure films!

If you have not experienced a travel adventure film with us, you are in for a treat. Each film, or documentary, is personally narrated by the filmmaker. You will hear stories first-hand about the journey in capturing the film and in experiencing the terrain. Each film lasts approximately two hours and includes a 15-minute intermission. Your intermission includes light refreshments, cookies, and the opportunity to talk with other film-goers. Whether you are planning a trip to the region, or just interested in learning about other cultures — the Travel Adventure Series is for you.

Shows begin at 10:30 am at the DL Parsons Theatre
Ticket Prices:
Adults: $7.50 • Youth & Seniors: $6.50


2017/18 Season


OCT 18
Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land
by Sean Cassidy

The land once know as Burma (now called Myanmar) is hidden behind a gold and silk curtain.  Sean Cassidy explores Myanmar’s quiet and gentle way, seeking to find out what lies behind the facade commonly presented to visiting tourists.  Burma is an amazingly beautiful land, rich in history and culture.  Despite incredible hardships, the Burmese people are among the friendliest on Earth and welcome visitors with smiles and openness.


NOV 15
Cuba’s Secret Side
by Karin Muller

There’s a side of Cuba you’ve seen before, and a side that you have not. Some say it’s a tropical paradise, filled with healthy, happy people; others think it is a police state where almost everyone is trying to escape.  Amazingly the Cuban people have fascinating personalities: funny, creative, patient, friendly, ingenious. The filmmaker concludes that no matter what the countries politics or economics are – they’re our neighbors. It’s been fifty years, isn’t it time we started talking again?

JAN 17
East Africa Sojourn
by Jessica Wunderlich

South Sudan is known for its long history of conflict, famine, and tribal warfare.  It’s neighbor to the south, Uganda, has moved past its own sordid past with grace, growing into a country of “the friendliest people in the world.”  This is an area of the globe where the borders of sovereign states and tribal lines are at constant odds, and the juxtaposition of extreme violence and extraordinary compassion is northing short of arresting.  One cannot help but be moved by the tangled ballet of opposing forces.

FEB 21
Mediterranean Dream
by Marlin Darrah

The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by some 20 countries and for more than 2000 years, it has held a spell over artists, writers, history-lovers, food and wine aficionados and all those seeking “the good life”.  This travel film explores the diverse natural geography as well as some of the unique towns and major cities peppered around the Mediterranean.  This epicurean journey moves east to west, beginning in exotic Alexandria, Egypt and finishing in lovely Lisbon and Sintra in Portugal.

MAR 21
Blazing Paddles
by Gray Warriner

Hang on as we kayak over waterfalls and raft down North America’s wildest and most scenic rivers.  Discover Oregon’s Rogue River history and visit Zane Grey’s cabin, float into the mountain wilderness of Idaho’s Salmon River, ride roller coaster waves through Hell’s Canyon, trace Lewis & Clark’s trail on the upper Missouri, explore the desert depths of the Grand Canyon, discover a hidden gorge in Fiji.  Topping off this grand adventure, we visit Victoria Falls and challenge the biggest rapids in the world on Africa’s Zambezi River.

APR 25
Guatemala: The Land  of the Maya
by Brent Winebrenner

This beautiful travelogue begins by exploring the achievements of the ancient Maya by visiting fabled places like El Mirador, Tikal and Yaxha.  It examines the historic tension between Mayan traditions and Spanish colonialism, using the religious pageantry of Antigua’s Easter Week celebration to provide a cinematic backdrop for the fascinating conversation.  It documents contemporary Mayan culture in Lake Atitlan where weavers spin cotton by hand and rely on the natural dyes and back strap looms to create world-class textiles.