November 14 –  Double Feature!
Films by Tom Sterling

The Gift of the White Moose

Moose are usually dark brown and near black in color and to see a white moose, in the wild, is a moment to cherish.  In 1991 a white moose was spotted in Northgen Ontario, and I was asked to photograph her.  The film chronicles the five years I spent trying to find and photograph the white moose, her progeny and many of her wild neighbors.

Florida’s Alien Wildlife

An amazing number of alien or non-native plants and animals  can be found in Florida.  The film will tour the Sunshine State and reveal  Vervet Monkeys from South Africa, Rhesus Monkeys and Sambar Deer from India, the Burmese Python and Walking Claris Catfish from Thailand, parrots and macaws from the Amazon, the Nile Monitor Lizard from Africa, and Budgerigars from Australia.  Travel along, and see and learn about these incredible invaders.

Shows begin at 10 am at the DL Parsons Theatre
Adults: $7.50 • Youth & Seniors: $6.50