When Nicki Runge was a little girl, she loved watching the 1987 film Sign Me A Story.  Her mother always read her children’s books until she was eight years old when she decided to read to her stuffed animals in sign language while acting them out.

Fast forward to today.  Nicki came to the realization that Sign Me A Story was in need of an update/a reboot. So she wrote her first script/screenplay that gives both hearing and deaf children a unique production that combines stage and filmed performances of updated versions of their beloved childhood favorites (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, You’re Missing It! and Goldilocks and The Three Bears).

The production of Sign Me A Story includes both American Sign Language and spoken English.  Live actors will teach the audience words in sign language then present a film and identify sign language in its story.

Sign Me A Story is a high-spirited production of three familiar childhood tales that promote self-esteem, inclusiveness and, above all, communication. It’s a new story for parents to learn from and share with their children.



Nicki Runge is the founder of ImaginASL, a Colorado-based theatre company that strives to entertain, educate, and unite the deaf and hearing worlds with rich unique artistic, cultural, and theatrical experiences full of American Sign Language. She is the Creator, Writer and Producer of Sign Me A Story.