A Cappella Concert Series presents

Choice City Singers
January 17
7:30 PM

The Choice City Singers are one of the most dynamic, versatile groups performing in Northern Colorado today, bringing a unique mix of musical styles, personality, energy and fine choral blend to each performance.  This truly multigenerational group spans five decades in age.  Members range in age from 19 years to 60+.  This factor makes the group especially popular with audiences of all ages.  Singers come from all walks of life: artists, moms, secretaries, business owners, engineers, retirees, students, and more.  Some have performed professionally, some not.  But all share a deep love of music and a thirst to perform.

With a unique blend of Pop, Swing, Contemporary, Rock, Doo-wop and Jazz music since 1982.  Originally a small offshoot of the Larimer Choral Society that wanted to perform more jazz, swing, standards, Broadway, and current songs, it has evolved over the years to become a more progressive ensemble focusing on a Capella numbers that often include vocal percussion, and arrangements specially tailored to the current eight voices.