Part of the Travel Film Series

Film by Michael Wigge

This time, the travel project requires filmmaker Michael Wigge to face 50 challenges in all 50 states in just 50 days!  Can he really do that?  Will Wigge turn the town of Boring, Oregon into a wild party?  Will he manage to sprint into the Grand Canyon – from top to bottom – within just 60 minutes? Will he be able to travel almost 15,000 miles in his van across the United States in less than two months? Go on a wild ride with Michael Wigge across the United States!

$7.50 Adults 


ABOUT THE TRAVEL FILM SERIES  Filmmakers will personally narrate their films, be your tour guide, and provide insight into their amazing journeys. Deemed  the “armchair travel” series – films are shown at 10 am and include a 15-minute intermission with refreshments.