This week’s virtual events with NYT Academy

8/10 Monday
Puzzle Time   Tony Winners Puzzle
And if you want to know what musical won the Tony the year you were born, here’s a complete list (you can also get the answers from this list… but don’t cheat!)
8/11  Tuesday
Musicals Every Theatre Kid Should Know    Video Link
AIDA  This powerful story set in Ancient Egypt, follows the tale of Aida, a captured Nubian princess, and Radames, the leader of the capturing Egyptian army.  The music is powerhouse from beginning to end, and is exactly what magic can happen when two legendary artists combine forces:  Elton John (composer) and Tim Rice (Lyricist). (One of Kimberly’s Top 5 musicals of all time!)  This link is to all the musical numbers as performed by The King’s Academy Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Absolutely stunning.  A must watch.
8/12  Wednesday
Phamaly Theatre Company    Video Link
One of the most amazing theatre companies in Colorado is Phamaly Theatre Company.  Their name stands for Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actors League and they create innovative and completely inclusive theatre.  The company started up in 1989 when 5 college students, all living with disabilities, were absolutely frustrated with the lack of theatrical opportunities for people who were differently-abled.  Since then, they have created inspiring shows throughout Denver, the U.S. and even overseas.  Here is a little snippet from their production earlier this year, “Honk!,” featuring former NYT kid, Erin Schneider as Ida. (PS, she was nominated for a Henry Award for her performance!)  We love that theatre is for EVERYONE!
8/13  Thursday
Teacher Quick Tips with NYT Instructor Miranda Guettlein

“Performing is scary, and it’s hard. If it were easy, more people would do it. So don’t make it even harder by being unkind to yourself. Try saying “I will get this, I can do it, I just need to keep trying.” Having a positive attitude about your own abilities is an easy first step in the direction of success.”

8/7  Friday 10 am
Fun Fact Friday    NYT Instagram